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Rankings bomb quick


I was working on my company's site and tried a few different things with a few different pages. Not necessarily important pages to us, but just to see how the change would hit Google. Well, we changed a page's address and it has fallen 20 pages. We were expecting this, we have a re-direct set up and we know it will climb again in the future. Then we tried linking 2 extra pages to one of our static pages hoping to bring up the ranking, that ranking well back about 20 pages. We were not expecting this. We also tried H1 tags on a couple of pages, those pages too dropped big-time. Now our biggest key term which we did our best not to affect has fallen about 10 overall spots which is huge for us. Any explanations or help?


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Yes, You made over a 15% change to your site overall in a short time. Adding content will not hurt you, changing your site will.

As far as the file name change, PR is actualy assigned to the URL or file name. That is why it dropped.

H tags are considered a major change if your major keywords are not in it, or if a lot of other words are in it besides your keywords.

As far as onpage factors are concerned, the title is the strongest factor, the H tags in order (H1, H2, H3 ect..) and then content. so adding h tags was a small step below your title, so it is kinda like changing or adding words to your title in a sense.

Make sure that the re-direct is a 301, any other re-direct command might hurt, not help.

There are3 the answers.

Hope this helps.