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Discussion in 'Disputes and Resolutions' started by John Smitth, Oct 15, 2014.

  1. John Smitth

    John Smitth Affiliate affiliate

    Ever gotten a letter from the Attorney General? From the FTC? Did it say something about "deceptive/unfair trade practices", "unfair competition", "Lanham Act", "Product Disparagement", "Infringement" or other title that you didn't understand and scare the crap out of you?

    I work with insurance companies to help reduce your risk of these law suits and put the risk with the risk bearing insurance companies for a premium. Usually starts somewhere around $2,500 for a $1,000,000 limit depending on your revenues. All A Rated Paper. I work with attorneys (or can work with yours) to custom tailor insurance policies to fit the risks of your business.

    Most insurance agents are old, in their 50's/60's and do not understand the risks of your business. I can speak your language.

    I have successfully helped affiliate marketers pay legal fees and defense costs for defending against these types of law suits.

    For example, past clients selling skin care, diet supplements, teeth whitening and other products online need help for Product Liability, Director's & Officer's Liability, Cyber/Media Liability, Data Breach Insurance. And I help solve these problems.

    I can help create a wall of protection around the revenue streams you have built.

    I have great skills but don't know how to get in front of more high quality people that want to protect their businesses. How do we get in touch so I can speak with you to adequately protect your business?

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