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Pop Ads Masterization!

Discussion in 'Follow Alongs and Online Journeys' started by TrafficYoda, Jan 18, 2016.

  1. TrafficYoda

    TrafficYoda Affiliate affiliate

    Okay masterization is just my made up word but I think it fits perfectly!
    I will be doing a mobile pop up follow alone hoping that I could get some insight from various mobile affiliate.

    Network I have chosen is Clickdealer, Mundomedia

    Using tracking software Adsbridge
    REF Link : Register today with AdsBridge | Innovative web tracking software
    None REF Link : AdsBridge - Affiliate software, web tracker and landing page builder
    (If you are cool you'll use the referal link ;))
    I am doing pop up campaigns It's been two days that I have been running on Popads.net
    Website is on Amazon S3
    Website is doing 0.4 sec average in various ips

    Using one angle for now because I am building up more landing page with different angles.
    my first offer which cost $1.34 I have used about $50 to test the waters and it turned out the offer converted only once. Got total of 3200 impressions 28 clicks and only 1 conversion so the ROI is dead red.

    I know I need to change the targets but I realized I am getting few hundred views on a very selective website and the rest is just one or two clicks.

    My question here is : How much views or clicks do you see as minimal to determin it's a bad traffic or not?

    What I also notice is that it is a total shotgun approach.... ARG. Fast Change of plans. I need to think of cash flow so I can't do a full scale shotgun approach it would cost a few hundreds per day or more so I decided to give it a change and choose the category that converted with the last offer and first collect data here to start getting rid of bad traffic.
    I decided to change the offer too Offer, because if I got 28 clicks I least expected 3 conversions. (calculation that it convert 11% according to the network)

    Am I deciding too fast? Am I changing plans the wrong way?
    Probably... I am still new on mobile campaigns... IF so I hope someone could give me a tip. Anyways but I promise it will be fun to see me figure them out one by one.
    Last edited: Jul 27, 2016
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  2. newbidder
  3. lrs1995

    lrs1995 Well-Known Member affiliate

    3.2K impressions is not enough data at all.
    Gather more data before taking decisions.
  4. TrafficYoda

    TrafficYoda Affiliate affiliate

    After reading @irs1995 has said I decided to change my approach on my testing
    Instead of trying to test out the traffic in pop ads which is 4000 dollars/day's worth traffic
    I decided to go target smaller amount of categories first and find the converting website and create a list
    So right now I have two campaigns running
    One is targeting the whole traffic and I am looking for what categories converts for my angle
    Another campaign is category targeting that converted from the first one and testing out two angles
    As the first campaign show some data of converting category my campaign will increase.

    the 2nd campaign that is targeting one category at a time did so well on the first day!
    The Green ROI really got my motivation real high! High Hopes here! XD
    I know it's still a small data to determine anything but still.... I got a cold chill when I saw this data...
    The problem here is that the campaign didn't use all of the budget given and the traffic is real low... I am going to see for one more day and if it continue be this low traffic I might need to copy paste the campaign to get more exposure.

    Total Campaign info from day one
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  5. medvih

    medvih Affiliate affiliate

    Wait, how many landing pages are you using?
  6. AfricanAffiliate

    AfricanAffiliate Affiliate affiliate

    $129 for just 3k visits is too much. What is your bid?
  7. TrafficYoda

    TrafficYoda Affiliate affiliate

    2 Landing pages so 2 Angles
  8. TrafficYoda

    TrafficYoda Affiliate affiliate

    I checked the tracking softer ware because it was showing different information than the excel where I manually calculate the stuff.... I didn't do the spend cost correctly. And since adsbridge free version does not support CPM I had to leave it empty and do the calculations myself.... ARG Brining out my excel skills back again. Something you wanna know before they use their free adsbridge version.

    It was a lame day no conversion and data was low probably because of the approval time it took.

    What To Website To block Out
    Since both of my offers are around 2% conversion rate I decided to black list websites that are having 130 clicks without conversions Because 43 clicks needs to be made to make one conversion and I multiply by 3 to make the data worth it.

    What Website to White List
    Anything that bring conversions

  9. lrs1995

    lrs1995 Well-Known Member affiliate

    PopAds has a cost token [BID] just pass that as the cost for each click
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  10. john snow

    john snow Affiliate affiliate

    wow 30 USD for 1.7k pops?
  11. codejacks

    codejacks Active Member affiliate

    well nowadays the demand is more and hence POPs networks are raising the price.
    Even recently my team member was mentioning that, he found POPads charging $22 /CPM.
    I told him to keep away from selfserve.
  12. TrafficYoda

    TrafficYoda Affiliate affiliate

    For all new starters I know some of you might really relate to this.
    Especially new starters.

    I am going through the phase of nerve racking stress and anxiety.
    Yup, but if you have ever read John Carlton books (I am mentioning one of his great books
    "The entrepreneur's Guild To Success" Must-Read Book)
    It's a natural process of trying make a non-profit campaign into something that is. From Nothing to Something. The pain of creation. The process of gold... you get my point?

    John mentions it's something natural and you can either stress out about it and hide under a rock hoping it to pass or calm down and just enjoy the crazy ride and do the work that needs to be done.

    So I took meditation (Just search on YouTube for great meditation so many free stuff on web these days) and block out all the crazy voices in my head that is screaming 'you are testing all wrong, you are wasting money, you are not doing it right and what's worse you don't know what is!' and go on concentrate on breathing and drill down your emotion if you are intermediate on meditation. You could do yoga if that's your style or my brother's style is just running a mile (ew... who likes to run?). Find Your way of getting rid of stress because it IS YOUR OWN CHOICE to be stressed or not.

    Meanwhile, I was meditating I got a message from my network manager
    I really thought I was in trouble or something because AM never starts a conversations to a new members because there isn't a relationship yet. However, she was quiet surprised at my CR rate on my network database...

    Huh?(I was trying to stay out of peaking into the data before the day ends or I'll touch the campaign and it can screw up the data...tip for all new starters!) I checked my offer network database and I got a real high 50% CR on my offer. SERIOUSLY? The whole day I ended with a grin in my face I couldn't wipe out.

    So back to data.... and Data alone.
    Even with Good CTR on my landing page and CTR on offer conversions, my traffic CTR rate is real low like crawling low.
    Average 0.68% CTR
    In order for this to work I need to get at least 6% to break even which is a long way to go. So I brainstorm some thoughts into this.

    Reasons why I have a low CTR
    1. Popups is a disturbs the user's action this type of advertising and it tends to have a lower ctr
    2. popup message is not good enough, not enough hook power. I gotta go back to the 8 life force (From "Ca$hvertising" Another Great Book Must-Read)and rewrite the message.
    3. Traffic is junk or not targeted to converting traffic.

    How To Solve This:
    1. Better Popup headlines test : Made 3 variations on my best performing landing page. Waiting for data.
    2. Try a different traffic type like pop under which is less disturbing of the user will try with JS vibration and sound to get the user's notice.
    3. Already created a white listing campaign so it just takes time for me to collect data from 250+ categories.

    If any more ideas would be great!
  13. Dispply

    Dispply Affiliate Manager Affiliate Manager affiliate

    Do you think 6% on pop is reachable CTR?
    IMO, 1-2% is already very good result.
  14. servandosilva

    servandosilva Moderator moderator affiliate

    You can get a lot more than that. Depending o the verticals some have above 80%.
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  15. TrafficYoda

    TrafficYoda Affiliate affiliate

    Day 9 of my first mobile affiliate
    I am slowly getting the fun of this game.
    Adsbridge is all over the place because of the wrong bidding i setup
    so these days I am just taking the data and excel on my own...

    I got 2 landing page that has potential
    Landing page 1
    is doing average -83% ROI
    so I am working on getting a angle with my best offer. which is doing 25% CR

    Landing page 2
    is a newly made one that is doing -58% ROI
    Also testing more angles to see if I could get green soon.

    The problem is getting green, I thing they both have potential and I got the right offers I guess I need to keep optimizing new angles and getting rid of placements that is doing bad and collecting the good.

    so far....
    Wifi proved to be useless so I got rid of wifi because it was eating up the traffic and bringing no conversions.
    Testing between pop under and popups. It seems like pop under is doing much better the first day however the bidding war makes it hard to get traffic, thus conversions

    What I learned
    One thing I realized white listing website that had only one conversion is a bad idea. You end up a 'white list' that is not making any money.... I was advised to white list website that had bit more conversion than this. Higher the more "sure" what you white list is a VIP website.

    I hope there are people learning with me. so it was suggested website that had 3/6/9/12 conversions be in the white list(all depending on your campaign). following that advice my white list is back to being empty. However I take hope that it has potential I am getting a lot of one click one conversions which means 100% CR.

    Blacklisting is getting rid of traffic that had spend X3 of the offer payout and had no conversions..... Which means I would probably have to burn through a lot before I could get some significant data....

    Problem of blacklisting got me down to thinking about what should be my next step be....
    Change the country to a lower traffic country?
    Change the network with smaller traffic volume?
    Keep going with popads Australia...

    What I need to test
    -More angles that could really turn green!
    -Another thing is my 9 conversions of the offer came from a website that is top 80% of the traffic I gotta test if only selecting that option could bring more conversions or not.
  16. Rune Ellingsen

    Rune Ellingsen Affiliate affiliate

    Nice article. Any update for it?
  17. TrafficYoda

    TrafficYoda Affiliate affiliate

    Hey Guys it's been a while I have been blacklisting bad websites and been spending quiet a lot although I haven't reached a green ROI yet but Here's an update to this month result


    I got total of impression on popads : 3,657

    So 88% of the impressions is clicking on my popads

    Out of the that 88% -> 13% is clicking on my offer links -> 0.89% are acutally converting.

    Last month *ignore the spend i didn't put in the bids correctly so it's not accurate*


    I am glad that I got the offer clicks higher from 0.68 -> 13% so the angle is convincing clicks
    However I don't like that 10% conversions went to 0.89%

    The difference here is that I only added firefox as browser because previous lander had problems with firefox pop exits… and split testing similar but bit different landers. I haven’t figured out what got the 10% conversion down to 0.89% aint sure if it’s really because of firefox or the lander.
  18. TrafficYoda

    TrafficYoda Affiliate affiliate

    Guys I am bit stuck as to what to do next
    I have two similar landing page
    One is none stop (so little clicking action required) landing page (Call this A landing page)
    Similar but a (2 click action required) landing page(Call this B landing page)

    A LP (included firefox as browser)
    Has 23.26 CTR with the popup
    1.16 CR
    B LP (excluded Firefox as browser)
    Has 0.83 CTR
    10% CR
    I am bit confused as to what's I should throw away and optimize...
  19. Dispply

    Dispply Affiliate Manager Affiliate Manager affiliate

    Why are you confused? Because of difference in CTR/CR comparison?
    Personally I never pay attention to CTR (well, it's nice metric, however CR is what you're really need to be into).
    So basically if you see higher CR on landing, you'd better play with optimizing this one.
    And only if you have some extra time, make optimization on other.
  20. TrafficYoda

    TrafficYoda Affiliate affiliate

    @Dispply Thanks for you comment, but I decided i would keep the high CTR landing page but test on different offer that could bring higher CR
    Because the landing page are similar just different versions of thing, the reason why I had two landing page is because I wanted to higher the CTR but keep the CR the same... (which I failed) I would have to test more offers. I hope this is a right way to go
  21. Dispply

    Dispply Affiliate Manager Affiliate Manager affiliate

    Are you aware that this high CTR can be just bot traffic?
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