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Places to Get Traffic To Your Blog

Discussion in 'Traffic Sources - General' started by Deeptanshu, Jul 22, 2019.

  1. Deeptanshu

    Deeptanshu Affiliate affiliate

    It’s actually a very simple formula.

    Step 1: Find out WHERE your target audience hangs out online.

    This could be specific websites, forums, Facebook groups, Pinterest Group Boards, email newsletters, etc…

    Step 2: Once you identify where your people hang out online, it’s simply a matter of POSITIONING your content in front of them.

    This could be buying banner ads on other websites. Paying to advertise in specific email newsletters. Sharing your blog posts with related Pinterest Group Boards. Or contributing to related forums. But one of my favorite ways to start building an audience is to guest post on OTHER people’s blogs.

    This means creating an exclusive article for a related website or blog. By doing so, you get to link back to your website in the bio. Sending you some highly targeted traffic.

    In fact, did you know you can get featured on sites like Forbes, The Huffington Post, Entrepreneur Magazine, Business Insider, and Fast Company. With just one blog post, you can start to establish your expertise online, get backlinks from authority sites, and start building an audience of your own. Guest blogging is an opportunity to get in front of a hungry audience.
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  3. clairedivas

    clairedivas Affiliate affiliate

    I started spending all my free time hanging on out where my potentially clients were online (free Facebook groups) and directly engaging with them by sharing valuable content and answering any questions I could about advertising.
  4. redfoxprincess

    redfoxprincess Affiliate affiliate

    I agree with the tips above especially having enough funds for social media but you can also get traffic by guest posting and making sure that the article that you would write is really trendy.
  5. PushHouse

    PushHouse Affiliate affiliate

    I agree with the tips above. The main thing is to find the target audience.
  6. PaidPoints

    PaidPoints Affiliate affiliate

    I really don't recommend Paid Traffic or Buying Banner just to get visit to your blog. If you have a product that you are selling, then I can recommend buying banner, when you find a very targeted audience.

    But for traffic to your blog? you can just do that for free. Get a social media auto scheduling free app like buffer or crowdfire, and schedule your blog posts to be posted through out the whole day for free.
  7. monicageller3691

    monicageller3691 Affiliate affiliate

    Thanks for sharing these ways. I have been trying to get traffic for my blogs.