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Passing URL tokens through multiple pages

Discussion in 'Tracking' started by kerbeross, Sep 3, 2015.

  1. kerbeross

    kerbeross Affiliate affiliate

    Hey Guys!
    Got an issue going on, hope you can help me.
    I'm trying to pass bing's URL tokens trough 2 pages on my website, to the affiliate link, and finally see it on my affiliate networks reports.
    when the user clicks on my ad on bing, he gets to
    than he clicks on "more info" and gets to
    and on that page he clicks on the affiliate link and gets to
    Am I passing the tokens right? cause on my reports on the affiliate network I just see empty tokens, just {MatchType}{CampaignId}{QueryString}{Adid}.
    SUCKS right? any suggestions?
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  2. newbidder
  3. mike888

    mike888 Affiliate affiliate

    Hi Kerbeross,

    You would need to save those variables in session or cookies on first landing page and then pass them in external link on second page.

    Next week we are releasing update for our wordpress plugin with support for those tokens.


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