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Over $100 per day from Facebook Lead Ads - Step-by-Step

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I have been going through the post and I must say that I am so much impressed. Thanks for just agreeing or deciding to share the wisdom you have with us. I am sure that when we put them into practice through the right ways, then we will be able to get good results. I am hoping that with time, I will be able to implement them with no much hustle.


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spam is really best way to proof that you are legit and safe for using.. get out

if you have service then open thread and ask admins to verify your product..


Anyone tried this ?
Does someone got concation with Mike ?
he wrote some emails to me but no Skype or what'sup . . .

Now he is gone . .


You may have heard about Facebook Lead Ads but wondered how to make money from them. Here at Affiliate Cloud we have discovered the secret. It really isn’t complicated and the results have been astounding. This article is going to teach you, step-by-step, how to make money from Facebook Lead Ads.

These are the steps we took...

Step 1: We got a Facebook account

Actually, we already had a Facebook account – as do you.

Step 2: We signed up to Affiliate Cloud

If you’re not a member yet, you can sign up at affiliatecloud dot co

Step 3: We found a lead buyer through Lead Impact

DISCLAIMER: Lead Impact is a sister company of Affiliate Cloud. Through Lead Impact we are opening up lead buyers to you, the affiliate, with excellent payouts. Our buyers are not interested in terrible, co-reg, incentivised, email survey leads. They will pay you handsomely for high quality leads using first party data from sources such as PPC & social media.

The lead buyer we ran this particular campaign for sells funeral plans to over 50s in the UK. Plans which help people protect their families from the stress of paying for the rising costs of funerals. There are so many lead buyers in so many different sectors – the key is finding one which pays a high CPL ($22 in this case).

As a member of Affiliate Cloud you have full access to our lead buyers. We only work with affiliate-friendly buyers with reasonable valid lead criteria, high payouts and low lead rejection rates.

Step 4: We created our Facebook page

Before you can create a Facebook Lead Ads campaign you must create a page. This can be a generic page, or a page aimed at your particular target market (e.g. over 50s). It doesn’t matter too much – your page will get likes via the ads you run but you’re not deliberately directing traffic to this page.

Step 5: We created our Facebook Lead Ads campaign

This step takes around an hour to complete, including creating your ads, setting your target demographics and creating your Lead Ads form. A detailed, step-by-step walkthrough guide on how to do this complete with screenshots is available to Affiliate Cloud Premium members.

Step 6: We linked our Facebook Lead Ads form to Lead Impact.

We did this using a free trial from Zapier. It’s a fairly simple process which we have outlined step-by-step in our premium walkthrough guide. As soon as the integration was done, we set our Lead Ads campaign live and saw some incredible results.

The results:

On Day 1 of setting our campaign live, we generated a total of 13 leads at £11.09 each ($13.57). The total cost was £144.19 ($176.44).

None of these leads were returned as all fell within the valid lead criteria. So the total revenue was 13 x $22 = $286.

The profit on Day 1 of this campaign was $109.56.



Facebook Lead Ads is a fantastic source of revenue for affiliate marketers. You don’t have to stick to Lead Ads either – click to call campaigns run through Facebook deliver much higher payouts – all you need for these is a simple click to call mobile website. As a member of Affiliate Cloud you gain access to a mammoth step-by-step guide on how to create one of these from scratch, for free.

Happy to answer any questions about any of the above – please get in touch!

This looks very promising, i'm interested in the click to call campaigns though, do you have any info on those?


My review:
Guide is not detailed and have a lot of secrets.

This thread just promoting network LeadImpact and AffiliateCloud. (idk maybe someone paid for posting this thread if yes, then okay)

When I asked Michael for help (he is my manager) he declined with reason: I can't do work for you :)

I asked just for recommendations for picking offer and asked to follow all what he can help me.

This tutorial is probably 'fake' not to guide someone, just to promote network.

We don't see any targeting, anything detailed.
I sent one more mail to you Michael and let's see what I will get! Please don't tell me again you must do hard work or I can't help you.


Yes. He is promoting LeadImpact and AffiliateCloud. And He is the founder or sth. But I don't think he is ready to run this business.
I got an email from him said urgently need affiliates to promote his offers and I replied with interest. But no response since then.
Also the offers in his AffiliateCloud. I applied a few but they always stay pending. No response at all.

Please don't promote your service or product when you are not ready. You are wasting our time.


I think that the admin should really look at some of these guide that are out to deceive people to waste their precious time and not accept them. Guides that will not in any way benefit members here.

Granted that they could be paid promo guides but should be vetted to make sure that they are legit and will be of benefit to people reading them.