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Selling Official Launch: THRIVE Universal Self-Hosted Tracking Platform

Discussion in 'Buy, Sell or Trade' started by Stephen ThriveTracker, Sep 26, 2014.

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    Stephen ThriveTracker

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    Official Launch: THRIVE Tracking Platform
    The Ultimate Self-Hosted Mobile & Web Tracker for Performance Marketing


    Hey everyone,

    I am excited to announce that we just launched our own self-hosted tracking platform called Thrive.

    Thrive is the next generation tracking platform for serious affiliates. While we have POFpro for POF traffic and AdultAdsPro for adult traffic, Thrive is meant to be your tracking platform for any and all traffic sources:


    Thrive is the 3rd tracking platform that we've created. All the lessons and experience we've gained over the last few years have culminated into making the best self-hosted tracker there is. It's time to leave behind your dusty old trackers.

    Because Thrive is self-hosted, you will always own your own data that you paid for. No 3rd party will have ownership of your data, no 3rd party has the right to look at your data, and no 3rd party has the right to prevent you from accessing your data, ever.

    If you have experience with our previous products or have just heard about our brand, we only build something if we know we can be the best at it. Else, I see no point. Thrive is no different, and comes with the high quality product precision that all iPyxel products bring, and the impeccable support that comes with it.

    I won't bore you further with the sales pitch.

    Feature Examples

    Here's a brain dump of some of the features:

    1) Self-hosted, scales vertically to handle millions of clicks/day

    2) Unlimited installs per domain for $99/month flat, additional domains at $39/month

    3) Mobile enhanced with mobile-specific data such as device, carrier, country, OS, brand, etc.

    4) Custom redirection rules on any combination of rules and paths - includes IPs, IP ranges, OS's, OS versions, URL parameter based rules, devices, country, ISP, etc.

    5) Multi-Variable Drill-Down Reports - Find the exact combinations (geography, creative, device, etc.) that are the most profitable. Generate Drill-Down Reports that group multiple variables into a single, expandable report across multiple campaigns or your entire portfolio

    6) Cost/CPC Adjustments and Updates - Adjust spend and cost data for any campaigns for any date range through the Thrive interface to get accurate profit/ROI numbers. You can also upload a CSV with all the campaigns’ costs for a specific date range to automate the process.

    7) Global 3rd-Party Post-back Piggy-backing App - Use just 1 post-back URL for all your advertisers and affiliate networks, even if you use multiple 3rd party platforms. Enter in any number of other 3rd-party post-back URLs, and Thrive will automatically forward conversions to all those post-backs.

    8) Batch inserts/removals - Easily insert any landing pages or offers into any number of selected campaigns at once

    9) Batch swapping/matching - Offer suddenly went down? Use the swap feature to replace that offer everywhere. Or, split test Offer B wherever Offer A is running. Thrive is all about automation

    10) Campaign rotations as discrete items - Manage and edit landing page/offer rotations for batches of campaigns at a time

    11) Multi-path split testing to allow any combination of paths for landers/offers

    12) Landing Page Lead Capture - Track leads and form submits that are captured from your landing page as a separate data point as an offer conversion. Great for landing pages that seek visitor emails but don’t require them.

    13) Tracking for Upsells - Track additional revenue for a converted visitor if they complete an additional upsell. Great for advertisers who want to track leads revenue as well as revenue from upsells

    14) Campaign Tags - Group campaigns by tags so that they are organized everywhere. See the overall performance of each tag, as well as pull reports based on tags. Each campaign can be under multiple tags.

    15) 30 Pre-defined Traffic Sources - All the macros/tokens are pre-populated for you. Add unlimited traffic sources. Most common traffic sources take 5 seconds to add

    16) Exchange rates for different currencies - For offers that get paid in different currencies, up-to-date FOREX rates are used to convert them into USD so revenue is accurate.

    17) Day-parting and week-parting data - View across any number of campaigns or the entire portfolio. View specific days of the week (e.g. Fridays only).

    18) Beautiful, easy-to-use, and speedy interface

    19) Video tutorial walk-throughs of the entire application

    20) Manged services and custom branding available

    21) Ability to create offer wall type landing pages

    22) Archive campaigns that you don't need. Restore them later if you need them

    23) Fast and secure FTP/SFTP updates. No need to manually update files

    24) Easily clean up historical records in the database if you don't want to upgrade your server

    25) Sub ID Analysis - Paste in a list of sub IDs and get the raw click and meta data in a CSV file


    You can check out all the main features on the Thrive product page, but what I should add is Thrive is way more scalable than any self-hosted tracker ever and can handle millions of clicks per day with ease. The only bottleneck is server resources, not software.


    I can go on and on, but you won't truly experience the product's awesomeness until you try it yourself.

    And we're just getting started. Next up, we are going to go right back to work on some hard hitting features, such as a customizable cloaking module. Get on the tracker now!

    Introductory Pricing + $100 Hosting Coupon

    Introductory Pricing: The tracker starts at $99/month flat introductory price. We are expecting high demand, and will likely be raising prices some time in the future, but everyone who signs up at this price will be able to maintain this price, so get in on this now!

    $100 Hosting Coupon & Free Installation: We have partnered with Liquid Web as our preferred hosting provider. Their hardware stands behind our software. Use this link to get $100 off any Storm VPS Server. Plus, they will install Thrive for you for free. Just request a Thrive installation when they call you to verfiy your purchase.

    30 Day Trial. No Credit Card Required. Sign Up Now.

    (iPyxel clients can just log into their account to download)

    This is the latest and greatest tracker. Finally, something for the modern era.

    P.S. Yes, there will be an affiliate program we will setup shortly.
    Earn 15% revenue share!
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    Stephen ThriveTracker

    Stephen ThriveTracker Active Member Certified Vendor Service Manager affiliate


    We've just released an update that includes these features:

    1) Conversion testing links (just go into an individual campaign to grab the link) that you can give to networks or whoever that needs a test link to test tracking

    2) IP redirection rules - you can specify a list of IPs or specify IP ranges

    3) URL Parameter redirection rules - redirect visitors based on parameters in URL

    4) OS version redirection rules - can specify version ranges
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    K needs that affiliate referrals. lol
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    Stephen ThriveTracker

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    Stephen ThriveTracker

    Stephen ThriveTracker Active Member Certified Vendor Service Manager affiliate

    Get Accurate Cost Data with THRIVE!

    As performance marketers, we know that data and optimization are an essential part of big profitable campaigns.

    Therefore, it's very important to be able to track, analyze, and optimize on accurate cost data that yield accurate profit and ROI numbers.

    THRIVE makes updating your cost data across multiple campaigns super easy.

    You can update the values in 2 formats:

    1) Designate a CPC value to update across campaigns, or
    2) Enter in a total cost value for selected campaigns so the cost is distributed across the clicks

    You can update via 2 methods:

    1) Use the THRIVE interface. You would select the campaign(s) you want to update cost for. Select the date range. Then, enter in a CPC value or a total dollar value to be applied.


    2) Upload a CSV file using the CSV template we provide to perform many update jobs at once.


    Getting accurate cost data in your reports is super important in some cases since high EPC/revenue doesn't always mean profit, which is the only thing that matters at the end of the day. THRIVE makes this easy!
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    Stephen ThriveTracker

    Stephen ThriveTracker Active Member Certified Vendor Service Manager affiliate

    3rd-Party Post-back/Pixel System

    You can piggy-back as many 3rd-party post-backs/pixels you want off of a conversion, whether they are traffic source pixels or pixels from some other service or tracking software.

    No matter what software and services you're using, you now ONLY need to ever place ONE single post-back URL with advertisers or networks, and that is the master THRIVE post-back (or pixel).

    Then, within THRIVE, you can add post-back/pixels at the traffic source level, the campaign level, as well as just piggy-back as many other pixels as you want globally.

    To add pixels at the traffic source level, simply edit the traffic source. For campaign-specific pixels, there is now an option for "Post-backs" on the General tab of each campaign.

    For global 3rd party pixels (i.e. they will fire every single time the THRIVE post-back/pixel fires), those can be added in the main Tracking section. For global 3rd party pixels, you don't even need to run campaigns through THRIVE! Just use this function to fire multiple pixels if you'd like.

    We give you 5 different types of pixels you can fire:

    • URL (the most recommended post-back option)
    • Image
    • Iframe
    • Javascript
    • Raw HTML

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    Stephen ThriveTracker

    Stephen ThriveTracker Active Member Certified Vendor Service Manager affiliate

    Bulk URL Find & Replace for Offers & Landing Pages

    As of the last update, you can now select a batch of landing pages or offers in THRIVE and then do a find & replace on every item selected to edit the URLs.

    For example, if you selected these landing pages to Mass URL Edit:
    Welcome myfatlossjourney.com - Hostmonster.com
    Welcome myfatlossjourney.com - Hostmonster.com
    Welcome myfatlossjourney.com - Hostmonster.com
    Welcome myfatlossjourney.com - Hostmonster.com
    Welcome myfatlossjourney.com - Hostmonster.com

    And you entered:
    String to Find - myfatlossjourney.com
    String to Replace - myfatlossmission.com

    Then, all the landing page URLs would be updated to:


    Hope you guys find this automation feature useful. It's one of many in THRIVE!
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    Stephen ThriveTracker

    Stephen ThriveTracker Active Member Certified Vendor Service Manager affiliate

    From day 1, we at iPyxel Creations have been all about automation in performance marketing. Across our 3 products, that is the ultimate end goal: to automate your entire operation as much as possible.

    THRIVE is no different. Today, we bring you another automation feature that will allow you to add landing pages and offers into THRIVE in bulk. It feels pretty good when hundreds of landing pages can be uploaded at once!

    New Feature: Mass Insertion for LPs and Offers via CSV

    You can now upload a CSV file, containing hundreds of landing pages (or offers), upload them into THRIVE, and all those landing pages will be added into the system automatically. Boom.

    We provide a CSV template file that's super easy to use. There's a different column for every field of the landing page:


    This is particularly useful if, for example, you have hundreds of pop-under landing pages that you need to add to the system to split test. The offers page also has the same function!

    We have now made it 100x easier to import your campaigns from any other tracker you've been meaning to get off of and hop on THRIVE!

    Other LPs/Offers Automation Features

    As a reminder, there's a bunch of other features that can automate your marketing in terms of managing your landing pages and offers.

    • Duplicate Offers/LPs: Select a number of offers and LPs, go to the "Select Action" drop down, and click "Duplicate Selected". This will immediately create duplicates of all items selected.

    • Swap Offers/LPs: Wherever an offer or landing page is running, you can swap it out for another offer or landing page. A specific offer can be running in multiple different campaigns, under certain redirection rules, and all over the place. If all of a sudden it goes down, use the Swap Offer feature, and within seconds, that offer is replaced with another one.

    • Match Offers/LPs: Have an offer or landing page that's been doing pretty well across the board? You can match that offer or landing page with new offers or landing pages to split test against everywhere the original offers or landing pages are running so that you are always testing to be running the best performers.

    Hope that our focus on automation makes your lives easier.
  11. codejacks

    codejacks Active Member affiliate

    Wow Tom, Really Nice Features you seem to be adding.
    I was unable to setup properly last time, and I could not set up properly.
    I half set it up on that day, and was confused with the answers from the support team, and in anger I left it incomplete.
    Could you please reset my account for the trial, I want to test it using a proper VPS from scratch.
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    Stephen ThriveTracker

    Stephen ThriveTracker Active Member Certified Vendor Service Manager affiliate

    @shreedharcva No problem, just submit a support ticket at Log In - iPyxel Account and reference this thread, and we will give you a new trial.

    Please use our partner Liquid Web if you can. Our link (Managed Dedicated Server Hosting & Managed VPS Hosting by LiquidWeb gives you a $100 coupon (lower right corner of the page) and they will install Thrive for you completely for free, so you won't run into any install problems.
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    Stephen ThriveTracker

    Stephen ThriveTracker Active Member Certified Vendor Service Manager affiliate

    Update Historical Costs for Custom Variables

    In case you haven't noticed, you can now update costs by custom variables. Do you have cost data from your traffic source for certain variables that you pass through? Now, instead of updating costs on a campaign basis, you can update them by each custom variable.

    A note though: if you have a custom variable with a ton of different values being passed into THRIVE and you want to update hundreds of thousands of them, this will be costly in hardware resources.

    To use this feature, go to Tracking > Manual Cost Update:


    Then, scroll down to Custom Variable Cost Update. There, you'll first select which traffic source this is for, then pick the campaign(s), date range, custom variable value, and what to update cost by:


    As always, we always specifically focus on automating your performance marketing operation because we know how valuable your time is, so there is also a CSV update function.
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