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Hello Affiliates,

We are a freelancing company. You can have us setup your VPS (Unmanaged) and install tracking software of your choice or any CMS for very affordable price. We specialized in configuring high performance servers. With our services, you can save hundreds of dollars each month.

An Unmanaged VPS is lot cheaper than a managed VPS. Sometimes, it's even cheaper than shared hosting packages. It's basically an empty box without anything but OS in it. A 2GB RAM unmanaged VPS starts from just $10 per month. What we do is, we take this empty box and we turn it into a super-fast webserver with our configurations. Take a minute to look at my Prosper202 installation intro,

Our Services -
Our secret is Nginx webserver. It's 9x faster than Apache servers an it's lightweight. Another benefit of having a VPS is there will be no other websites on your server's IP address. On shared hosting you share an IP address with hundreds of other websites that you don't even know of. They all share the same server. But on a VPS, there will be no other sites.

What about managing the server afterwards?
A VPS is well managed even when it's unmanaged. A properly configured VPS doesn't need attention every other day. Sometimes it doesn't need attention for years. I'm serious. Things doesn't go wrong as it does on shared hosting because there aren't hundreds of websites. So you can have peace of mind. Plus we at will be available to help you with any issues you're having.
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I have ordered an unmanaged service set up, got my fully set up server after 24 hours. Not just that my got all the instructions needed to upload my landing pages to my new server, to add a new domain and sub-domain,etc. Support is really amazing, not just that you will get a great service but this guy will help you out with anything relatd to it.
Cool guy and extremely help-full. He know to find problem and to fix it and he explain it to me so I can do it later. How cool is that.
Great support and communication. He was patient and professional.