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New to CPA (few questions) but not to AM

Discussion in 'Newbie Helpdesk' started by Adampeps, Oct 23, 2017.

  1. Adampeps

    Adampeps Affiliate affiliate

    Hi all,

    I hope this is ok to post in this section. I have been an Amazon affiliate for about 4 years primarily doing SEO and gaining traffic from search engines. However, I wanted to take a try at CPA but am confused about a few things. Hoping I could get some advice.

    1 - Most people say to use a landing page. From what I see the offer itself I could promote also has a landing page. So does that essentially mean (if I am using PPC) that a searcher would click my ad, goto my landing page, and then i'd hope for them to click forward to the offer landing page and fill it out? I just thought that might be a lot of clicking.

    2 - Another item I have read is around tracking and re-optimizing your campaigns. Most tools I have looked at though are expensive for right now. Is there a free way to track your campaigns and receive useful metrics?

    3 - Spying on successful ads. Let's say I see an offer for Company XYZ Corp that I thinks looks promising. Do I just type in that company and see what ads show up to see how successful people are doing with that offer? Again I know there are paid tools but am trying to see what to use starting out.

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  2. Voluum
  3. Certified

    tyoussef Moderator moderator Certified Vendor Service Manager affiliate

    hey @Adampeps .
    your Questions are good .
    but please try to watch this tutorial Cpa Marketing Tutorial [2017]
    that i made for affiliatefix members , it will give you a good idea of how Cpa affiliates run there campaigns step by stem .

    when you see it if you have Questions feel free to leave them i will answer them for you .

    also i do think that this guide What is Affiliate Marketing? (START HERE) will answer your first Question and give you an over view about the affiliate marketing .
  4. Adampeps

    Adampeps Affiliate affiliate

    So are there any tracking methods that are free or a much lower cost? Seems to me that is a high monthly fee for someone starting out. Do most newbies make this investment right away?
  5. Patrick3333

    Patrick3333 Affiliate affiliate

    I'm a newbie, and i also do use this tool to help on my campaigns, i think it's the cheapest for us, and from now, i'm enjoying their service! You could try and see.
  6. MxyzptlkFishStix

    MxyzptlkFishStix Well-Known Member affiliate

    A mechanic can't work without tools.
  7. Sanshez

    Sanshez Affiliate affiliate

    Hi dude, i think there is no need to run your ad with two opt-in, i think you can test your landing page, and try to set just one , it will be better for you i think!
    I think the only effective way that can help you spying on ads, should be by affording a spy-tool for this, it could be helpful for you! good luck.
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