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New member tryes Peerfly + Email Submits + 7search + Prosper202

Discussion in 'Follow Alongs and Online Journeys' started by mihaitza, Aug 28, 2013.

  1. mihaitza

    mihaitza Affiliate affiliate

    ***sorry for the "tryes" instead of "tries" in the headline***

    7search, Peerfly, Prosper202, Email Submits

    Yesterday I have started what I like to call my first serious campaign. I’m trying email submits. So far is a serious LOSER. Maybe it’s a bad offer ( the value of the product that is being given is like $50). I choose offers with inexpensive products. I do this because I’m thinking that people may consider big giveaways to be a spam ( products expensive like iphones or even more expensive - $1000-$2500 giveway ).

    August 27:

    ---UNABLE TO LINK--- I'm typing instead
    99 CLICKS | 1 LEAD | S/U 1.01% | Payout $1.4 | EPC $0.01 | EPC $0.01 | AVG CPC $0.06| Income $1.4 | Cost $5.73 | Net ( minus ) $4.33 ) | ROI -76%

    I had a lot of keywords that I thought were related but only one has converted. It is a high volume keyword ( more than 170.000 searches ).

    August 28:
    So far, day is not ended

    ---UNABLE TO LINK--- I'm typing instead
    CLICK 28 | leads 1 | s/u 3.57% | payout $1.4 | epc $0.05 | avg cpc $0.06 | income $1.40 | cost $1.69 | net $0.29 |

    I’m pausing all the keywords except the one that has converted. I will create an ad tailored to this keyword.
    In fact, I will create more ads ( angles ) and I will split test them.

    This the ad that I am using right now ( the only one that I have tested )
    ---UNABLE TO LINK--- I'm typing instead

    HEADLINE: Do you still believe in giant giveaways?
    Get something real! We are offering a *free* ------------ ($40 value ) - Recommended by ----------, loved by --------------. Get it now! *details apply*
    URL: --------------

    I should really start reading Ca$hvertising. I really suck at copywriting :D.
  2. CPA Evolution
  3. K

    K Administrator Administrator affiliate

    Copy is ok - asking a question is a great headline....anyway how's this progressing day 2 looked more promising, time to add more keywords?
  4. kinyash

    kinyash Affiliate affiliate

    How is this campaign going mate? would be great to be in the loop ;)
  5. royalrevenue

    royalrevenue Banned

    any news? Go and post screen shot please.
  6. fnoperi

    fnoperi Affiliate affiliate

    Try add more keywords. Be more creative with it, outside the box :) With 7search i found keywords that i was surprise that converted :D
    If your getting impressions, but no clicks. Change the ad copy. If the offer is not converting, and you tried many types of creative keywords that you though. Change the offer.
  7. fnoperi

    fnoperi Affiliate affiliate

    Forgot to mention, sorry. If you try to add keywords that are too unrelated to the offer. Most likely there gonna remove it. That's what happen to mine.