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Announcement NEW Animated Templates, MORE Offers & HIGHER EPC's!



Hi Guys,

I've been working really hard at a lot of huge improvements to help you guys earn a lot bigger. You need to login to your CleanFiles account and check out the changes. Here's what's new

New Templates
I've added some really high quality templates for all of our file lockers and will be adding more soon! Publishers are loving these templates and they're earning a lot of money.

Exclusive Offers & Higher EPC's!

I've added a lot of high EPC offers into the system with exclusive offers hat you won't find on any other PPD network. Our EPC's are higher now with better offer sorting to make sure we include only the best offers around the world.

Sign in or sign up! I promise you'll see some great results


Aha! Yes I will apply right away to become an approved resource. Thank you for providing the links!