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  1. ABZIN

    platform Israeli

    Hello everyone, I'm new to Digital Marketing, but I was very curious about an ad I saw on the internet, where a guy kind of talked "There is an Israeli Platform that displays its ads on websites with billions of daily views for an absurdly cheap cost per click" Has anyone heard of this...
  2. dark/light

    we have a new member!

    yes, we have (it is me). Hey everyone, I am here to grow and, of course, to help others grow because there is a space for anyone in the internet marketing field. I do CPA, and my niche is: ******* (LOL) Cheers!
  3. N

    Hello people at AffiliateFix!

    My name is Nick, I have been actively involved in marketing since 2013. I'm active on Twitter, Snapchat, Reddit, and do media buying. I hope to meet new people and gain some knowledge here. :)
  4. Rakesh Chauhan

    I am New Here as Well as in The PPC.

    Hi Affiliate Buddies, I hope everyone is doing great. By the way, my name is Rakesh Chauhan and I have some decent knowledge about SEO. I have a Micro Niche website and make more than $1000 in 8 months, but now I want to explore PPC as well and learn more things about Google Ads and Fb Ads.
  5. Wesleey

    Nice to meet you!

    Hello dear people, I am always interested in making new contacts and learning a lot from you. I am basically interested in advertising. I am looking forward to an active exchange!
  6. Cody Rauh

    New Vendor

    Looking to launch an affiliate program in early 2021 for three categories, games, game soundtracks, and app-based training courses. Here to do further research and learn more from the affiliate perspective of their day to day before finalizing all components of the plan for the contract/program...
  7. A

    Using Clickbank

    Hello All, I have been thinking of joining Clickbank does anyone think this a good place to practice affiliate marketing. Also, does anyone have experience with it what are some pros and cons? Thanks!
  8. M

    Hi all I'm new here.

    I join this group for finding a good investing opportunity. And ofcourse to share some to. I will be glad for advices and proofs together. Hope someone will help me here.
  9. drakecbm420

    Hello AffiliateFix Community

    Hi there, My name is Drake. Thank you for having me be apart of your community, I have heard many great things about AffiliateFix. I am looking forward to learning about affiliate marketing and expanding my business. Thanks, Drake
  10. S


    Hi people. I am new and i have many interests. May be not ready for this...
  11. A

    New Member - Introduction

    Hello, My name is Alex I am currently a college student in Los Angeles and I have been looking to learn more about affiliate marketing and in doing some research on places to start learning I stumbled upon AffiliateFix which I am excited to be apart of!
  12. BO87

    New on the forum!

    Hi everyone! As you see i'm new on the forum. Happy to join this community. :) I hope learn a lot and contribute my bit on this forum. Actually, working as a Media Buyer, looking for new B2b opportunities, growing in the domain, learning, contributing and having fun. If you need me, just...
  13. K

    CPA networks with offers in finance

    Hi there! My question is for publishers and affiliates who has relevant experience in finance niche: What affiliate financial networks are the best for you for North, South America, and CIS markets? Currently our team works for South America and Spanish speaking countries, we want to try...
  14. R

    New Guy

    Hi i will start around next Month Hope i dont blow my money and dont see any ROI
  15. P


    Hello affiliate marketing community, My name is Pourya, I come from Iran and I am very happy to be a member of Affiliatefix, Special Thanks to for providing us a nice platform to communicate and share Ideas together. I wish you all, all the best.
  16. rijar

    Want to find new opportunities

    Hi all and happy new year! Very new in this field of affiliate marketing and online business. I tried out some affiliate programs the last two years without success and would like to get some insights, knowledge and opportunities here. Thanks in advance for your supportive thoughts, ideas...
  17. AbdulAleem

    Hello Affiliates!

    Im new here and I want to get the ball rolling. I have made up my mind in becoming a Market Affiliate and I want to succeed. I am very new to market affiliation; with that being said, I need guidance. In fact, if I can find a virtual mentorship to help me down this road. I will be very...
  18. baronx

    New here thanks for the approval

    New here, and old at the same time registered a year a go , was surfing the forum always as visitor decided to use the account , thanks for the approval
  19. W

    Hola guys

    No im not spanish lol, I just wanted to stand out and be different. But isnt that what marketing is about? To be the purple cow in a sea of normal ones? Anyways, I found this website and my travels and hope to learn more about how to affiliate least on a shoestring budget atm x.x
  20. Beasty76

    New to Affiliate Marketing

    I've recently opened an ecommerce shop and am very interested in learning all the details to run a successful shop, understand how to scale and, most importantly, not close shop in my first year. All of your help and articles are going to be a tremendous asset as I get myself up to speed!