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  1. IncomeHydra

    Hello everyone, very well met!

    I just wanted to introduce myself. I am an Affiliate Network noob, but working hard to learn (IOf anyone can suggest a good solid, noob foundation of learning for;CPA, PPI,CPV,PPD etc and landing pages, would be appreciated). My current online income are done via- Youtube Channel in the Gaming...
  2. C

    Announcement NEW Animated Templates, MORE Offers & HIGHER EPC's!

    Hi Guys, I've been working really hard at a lot of huge improvements to help you guys earn a lot bigger. You need to login to your CleanFiles account and check out the changes. Here's what's new New Templates I've added some really high quality templates for all of our file lockers and will be...
  3. I

    WordPress points for surveys possible?

    Is it possible to give people points on my wordpress site when they complete a survey that im hosting from CPAGrip. Let me explain. 1. User does a survey that I provide for them on my website (That survey being from CPAGrip) 2. When user completes that survey they get points on my WordPress...
  4. redwingz

    Help with incentive

    Hello I have some questions about incentive offers and traffic. 1. What are the best networks for traffic to incentive offers such as mobile games and app downloads? 2. Do you still need landing pages with cost per install(CPI) ? 3. Why is there still a conversion rate when you buy PPI,PPD...