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Native Ads tracking [php maybe?]


Hi guys!

I used to do a lot of affiliate marketing and I know how it works on the mobile world
My problem is with Native Ads marketing.

When I start new campaign on Content.Ad/MGID or any other native ads platform i need to put their events inside. right? for example:
{campaign_id}, {category_id}, {click_id} and etc...
so eventually my url will look similar to this:
website dot com/index.html?clickid={clickid}

But from the advertorial page the user needs to be redirected to google store or itunes.
How can I "cut" the part after the question mark and "paste" it on the following URL?

(why i'm saying it might be a php issue? I saw that some advertiser send their traffic into a redirect page with PHP ending and from this page the user gets redirected to itunes. but i'm not 100% sure it's connected)

I hope my question is clear.
Thanks is advance.


Hi - In order to get over this "issue" of capturing / forwarding those parameters, you should be using a tracking platform which takes care of this for you.

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Hi, @trackingdesk nailed it. The best way is to use a tracking platform.

in a nutshell
- you add offers (items on google store / iTunes in your case) with all the relevant links etc on the one side.
- add your custom landing page
- you add traffic source with all the tracking macros on the other side
- you add your custom domain (if you need)
- create campaign inside a tracking tool with traffic distribution rules etc.

As a result you get a tracking URL that you can use as a destination URL at MGiD for example. User goes to the tracking link, tracking link reads and stores the data and redirects it to offer (or google store / iTunes in your case).

You can check this article on Medium for details and a nice process visual.

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