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My first experience in mobile traffic

Discussion in 'Follow Alongs and Online Journeys' started by Manuel Gonzalez, Jul 17, 2016.

  1. Manuel Gonzalez

    Manuel Gonzalez Affiliate affiliate

    Please excuse my English translated in Google Translate
    Now in the month of July 2016 I made five campaigns using Peerfly offers for mobile. Chose as a source of traffic to Airpush. 2 companies understand that they are good and do their job properly. Which fault was me.

    I had an investment of $ 50 and all were many impressions, almost 10% of clicks on impressions, but there was no conversion.

    All offers with banners always send the advertiser's offer. Airpush provides excellent tools for banners. These banners are those who aparecian the end user, and then take it to the advertiser's offer.

    Airpush on your desktop shows no impressions or clicks, except when you go to details. But the final summary if displayed at the top right of the desktop.

    I attached a picture of the investment, the amount spent and I had zero conversions.

    Best regards

    Manuel Gonzalez

    Mi experiencia con Airpush.png
  2. adcombo
  3. T J Tutor

    T J Tutor Administrator Administrator Certified Vendor Marketplace Seller

    Okay, you haven't spent enough to gather the volume of data you require to make a determination on the traffic or the offer.

    $50 on 5 campaigns = $10 per campaign. You should be running a few (3 to 5) versions of a single offer and you should be using a great set of landing pages to rotate.

    What tracker are you using?
  4. Manuel Gonzalez

    Manuel Gonzalez Affiliate affiliate

    Thanks for your comment

    The tracking was using Adsbridge
  5. Ben jones

    Ben jones Affiliate affiliate

    I second the comment above .
  6. MxyzptlkFishStix

    MxyzptlkFishStix Moderator moderator affiliate

    When you have such a small budget, there is no rule that you have to run it 24/7 or in a entire geographical area.

    If I were on a small budget running in the US:

    • Run from 5PM Friday to 11:59PM Sunday
    • I'd pick one of the three most populous states (California, Texas or Florida)
    • Figure out angle that is regionally based (reflected from banner to lander to offer)
    • Two landers
    • Three to five banners per lander
    • Host VPS holding tracker/landers in the picked state
    • Have lander in place for traffic in other geographical areas that I'm not being charged for (show opt-in, geo offer or offer wall with call out)
    On the last suggestion, I have found winning campaigns by mistake on primary campaigns that were absolute duds.
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  7. Manuel Gonzalez

    Manuel Gonzalez Affiliate affiliate

    First, thank you very much for your valuable advice.

    There is only 1 point that do not quite understand:

    "Figure out angle That is Regionally based (Reflected from banner to lander to offer)"

    You kindly explain please ???

    Again, thank you very much for your suggestions.

    Best regards
  8. MxyzptlkFishStix

    MxyzptlkFishStix Moderator moderator affiliate

    Well for your Low Income Housing Offer, I'd find an image of schools, parks and playgrounds in depressed neighborhoods in the geographical area(s) I'm targeting and use those in my banners and landers. Those areas are drug free zones. If one were to get caught selling drugs in the 1000 yard (if fluctuates by state) surrounding area, it's the equivalent of voluntarily bending over a judge and kissing your freedom goodbye for an offence that would probably only warrant probation and fines. What most people don't know is that housing around drug free zones, in low income neighborhoods, is "prime real estate" that people fight over because that area acts as a buffer zone from crime and many contain police substations.

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