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My Earnings

Discussion in 'Success Stories and Bragging' started by AgentZee, Aug 16, 2015.

  1. AgentZee

    AgentZee Affiliate affiliate

    I'm only doing this for the contest. I hate to brag because what is here today could be gone tomorrow.

    I started this journey December 2014. And only within the last three periods (consisting of 15 day periods) have I been making decent money. This is by far my best period. I see the potential and every time I get a sale I get this crazy high. I'm loving this. I read as much as I can on this niche and I try to emulate what I see.

    All I can say is learn as much as you can, ask questions, and work hard even when you don't want to. Think outside the box. I am by far NOT expert by any means. I'm still learning but I love where this is taking me.

    If you wanna sign up under me Here

    Clean link Here

  2. terraleads

    CPAEXPERT Affiliate affiliate

    @AgentZee, i believe this is crackrevenue, somehow i am not understanding the daily stats, u got uniques but i dont see the leads, then from where did u get the conversion from? like on 04/8 then on 06/08, 11/08 - u got one lead but no income, on 13/08 again one lead, but no income, and on 14/08 you got no leads but you earned that day..Not sure, then top countries stats is also mismatching.....something looks wrong..then product income share says no DATA for the month, i also checked my crackrevenue account to make sure, how does it look like that, and now i can say the figure is mismatching , something is wrong out there in your data, you must contact your AM... It is just my opinion..
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  4. AgentZee

    AgentZee Affiliate affiliate


    The reason it looks like that is because my leads have already converted in the past. I do rev share only. The period ends every 15 days. I posted this after the period ended. Its been reset.

    With rev share everytime someome puts money for the tokens you get 15% and its not going to tag leads as they have already been accounted for UNLESS its new leads. (Which is what you see with no money made) On the rev share, leads are free you only make money when they fund their cam girl account. Make sense?

    I know there are people that scam the ppl. I dont do ppl. There is more money on rev share because you make money off the same person over and over. You just sit back and collect residuals.

    On the detailed statements you can see where it says rebills. Thats what those are rebills. :)

    I hope that makes sense.
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