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Discount Mobile Ad Scout Discount.

Discussion in 'Mobile Marketing' started by AffiliateFix, Mar 13, 2015.

  1. AffiliateFix

    AffiliateFix Administrator Administrator affiliate

    Mobile Ad Scout Discount.


    $30 Off for Lifetime Discount

    Details: Sign up to Mobile Ad Scout today and receive a massive $30 lifetime discount every month you pay.

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  2. terraleads
  3. Carole Bock

    Carole Bock Affiliate affiliate

    Hi there,

    I'm a total newbie when it comes to mobile. Is this something a newbie can use right away and profit from? How much budget and time would it require to profit enough to cover at least the monthly fee? Anyone having a suggestion to where to start in the mobile world with training 1, 2, 3 would be so much appreciated.

    This tool sound awesome is so many ways. Looks like a big advantage! Let me know what you think, thanks a million!
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  4. T J Tutor

    T J Tutor Administrator Administrator moderator affiliate

    I see you only have a few posts since you began with us 6 weeks ago. This may be an indication that you haven't established your foundation. First, before investing in a tool for $147 per month, ask yourself if you have completed the following:

    1. Purchased a VPS
    2. Selected a vertical to master
    3. Selected a tracker to master
    4. Joined 2 networks
    5. Selected a traffic source to master
    6. Created a schedule for your business research and for your business activities
    7. Created a budget (weekly, monthly, and annual)
    8. Become as active as possible in the forum and sub-forums seeking help and reporting your progress.

    If you haven't accomplished these tasks, then in my opinion, you aren't ready for a $147 per month spy tool.

    This is ambiguous at best, we don't have enough information about you, your business, your learning speed, your
    acumen, etc. It is different for everyone.

    This forum has many mobile success stories by it's members. Perhaps try emulating their case studies coupled with the 8 items outlined above. If you are intent on buying courses, you will find yourself having to attend to the above 8 items sooner or later and they should come first before investing in expensive training modules.

    Get your business to a place of stability and then you will be ready for tools like that offered here. At the moment, buying into expenses like this is kind of like giving a kid on the beach a backhoe instead of a little shovel for their sand bucket.

    T J
  5. Carole Bock

    Carole Bock Affiliate affiliate


    Very honest and realistic view that sounds like gold to me. The fundamentals are almost in place.

    I have cloud hosting with good capacity. Not VPS for the moment. Is it good enough to start?
    Vertical would be gaming and/or communication
    Mobile Tracker wise what would you suggest?
    Already a member on a few networks
    What are the best traffic sources for gaming (apps) - for communication (Virus, free SMS, electronics Apple & Androids devices)

    For the rest you are absolutely right. I'll take the time to get active of the forum and keep seeking for advice. So far I've been mostly a loner and I must admit it has not served me at all!

    Thanks a million!
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  6. goodoboy

    goodoboy Affiliate affiliate

    Very good response for us newbie.

  7. Webmaster.Xochitl

    Webmaster.Xochitl Affiliate affiliate

    Thanks for your discount. I have seen a lot of posts which is related to you. I'm just thinking to get started.
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  8. gerbill

    gerbill Affiliate affiliate

    Hi everybody!
    Just wanted to see a few testimonials about Mobile Ad Scout from the forum folks here. How is it working for you?

    I've watched a few vids on youtube about it (like this one ). What I did understand is that you can simply copy everything somebody does for some time (assuming if its done for a month or so its gotta be a successful strategy) and get some decent amount of money by doing so. Is it that easy? :)
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  9. Feels

    Feels Affiliate affiliate

    Perfect, thanks.

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