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Hello, everyone!

As you know, Mobidea's mission is to help you become financially independent!

We're improving the Mobidea platform for all affiliates, and you know we're always sharing our media buying experience and awesome expertise on the Mobidea Academy, the foremost educational platform in affiliate marketing!

This thread is where you'll be able to find guides, walk-throughs, tips and tricks!

I'll be sharing amazing insights from time to time, and answering questions you may wanna ask!

Feel free to leave a comment, share your opinion and ask questions!

Let's make money!
Hey guys!

Want to know how to actually choose the best offers?

Let’s start with some basic tips to simplify things. It doesn’t matter if you’re buying traffic or just getting it from social media.

[Disclaimer: This post was originally published on mobidea Academy. All the missing information can be found in the full version.]

No matter what you’re trying to do, you’ll definitely gonna need to:

  • Know your audience – knowing your target audience is the key to success.
  • Understand the needs and the trends of the market – try to do a little research before you set a CPA campaign. If you see that a vertical or a niche is overcrowded with offers, maybe you should consider trying a different approach and explore new affiliate marketing verticals
  • Play fair with your users – being honest with your users by showing them exactly what the offer is promoting will surely engage them and ultimately maximize your revenues!
Remember: be loyal to your audience, have good prelanders/banners/landing pages, pick the best traffic source for CPA offers, choose smart and appealing words, and we’re pretty sure you’ll like the results in the end.

1. Don’t Pick an Offer Taking Only the Payout Into Account

When we talk about choosing CPA offers that convert, it can be tempting to go for the ones with the highest payouts.
Let’s imagine you’re checking offers on your Mobidea account. You’ve applied the filters and then decide to check offers considering the highest payout.


The highest paying CPA offers are better, right? Well, not necessarily!

Turns out that you need to consider several aspects when it comes to the CPA model, such as the billing flow! Top payout offers are generally related to the credit card submission. This means it’s harder for them to actually get subscriptions since users are more reluctant to insert their credit card details.

Those who subscribe to this kind of offers have to pay more for the acquisition. Since we’re referring to reluctant users, here’s another thing you need to take into consideration – the conversion rate.

Let’s say you get two offers: one with a Payout of $10 and another with a Payout of $2.

If the first one had a worse Conversion Ratio – 1/1000 compared to the other 1/100, for example – after sending 5000 clicks, you’d end up with a $50 revenue. On the other hand, if you’d chosen the one with a lower Payout but a higher Conversion Ratio, you’d end up with $100, twice the revenue, by comparison.

This can also happen when you use the Smartlink and go for segments which typically showcase higher Payouts but harder Conversion Ratios instead of the ones with lower Payouts that can turn out to be more profitable.

2. EPC Isn’t Everything
EPC stands for Earnings per Click and it shows you the revenue you get for each 100 clicks. It’s the average amount of money you can get per every 100 clicks on your link (at least on Mobidea).
With Earnings Per Click (EPC), you’re considering Payout and Conversion Ratio, which provides you a more complete metric. It ain’t perfect, though. Because the values you see are an average of ALL the traffic Mobidea receives to those offers or segments.

Let’s pretend there’s a scenario containing two different offers: one of them showcases an amazing EPC, the other an average EPC that won’t get anyone excited.

The first one is mainly being used by a hyper-experienced group of Affiliates, with really wicked Pre-Landers, high-quality traffic sources, and a lot of know-how on that specific type of offer, so of course EPC is huge! But for you it would mean highly-experienced competitors, struggle, and failure in efforts to get to the same EPC level.


So what's with the second offer?
This one’s being used by the same group playing with the first one. In fact, a lot of other affiliates are using it as well. Some do it better, some worse, not getting quality traffic and probably failing to get the promotion right.

That’ll make the overall EPC drop and this offer, which was as great as the first one, will look far less appealing. However, it may have an easier flow for you to get that first sweet revenue that warms your heart and fills your bank account!

With a Smartlink it's even worse - because you’re getting the overall average EPC of Mainstream traffic (for instance) where you have mixed traffic from Tier 1 and Tier 3 countries.

In the end, what should you consider to measure the performance of your campaigns? What you have to consider is the Return on Investment (ROI) of your campaigns. ROI. Doesn’t matter if they’re Single Offers or Smartlinks.
ROI is the way to go!

3. Consider the Cost of Traffic
Even though this point can be more important for Media Buyers, it’s always good to know more before deciding which CPA offers to promote.
In order to truly evaluate your performance, you should consider not only what you’re getting from Mobidea but also how much you’re paying to get that money – meaning, your traffic. The faster you get valuable data the better and, if you can get it cheaper, that’s just perfect.

As we’ve told you before, higher payouts may turn into a tougher conversion ratio. You should maybe consider going with offers that provide half the payout and a lower EPC, but get you more and faster conversions. For those offers, you’ll probably even get more volume with fewer costs than if you start aiming for the stars in the middle of the day.

4. Don’t Choose Based on Vertical/Category
Mobidea allows you to explore 2000+ CPA offers from all over this green earth.
You should never forget that you can promote Adult or Mainstream. The latter has some cool sub-categories you can go for, such as Nutrition, Sweepstakes, Gaming, Gambling, Finance, Health & Fitness, etc.

Remember how crucial is the relevance of your audience?

Imagine you’re promoting adult content all the time because you really want those sweet CPA offers that convert. Yes, it used to pay better and have better EPCs, no doubt about it.
Even so, did you ever stop to think that you could maybe get more conversions and fewer problems on social media if you were to bet it all on these vital verticals?

Knowing your crowd is EVERYTHING!
You’ve gotta understand what’s working better when setting a campaign, because you wanna avoid losing visits/conversions.

5. Pay Attention to Restrictions
Always keep an eye out for restrictions.
These restless prohibitions and guidelines can really cost you a whole lotta cash. They can even get you blocked, preventing you from getting those terrific Top Offers.

Sometimes, a restriction pops up because of the name of the offer. This won’t bring about any sort of penalties.

For example, in case it’s only for 3G, traffic coming from Wi-Fi will be redirected to another offer – if you’ve got the Safety Fallback enabled – or to nowhere, leading to a loss of potential conversions. Other offers can be more related to the type of promotion you’re doing, not allowing Pops nor Native, or even not letting you get Incent Traffic, for instance.

Even so, since we’re all running in the same direction – we wanna add value to the industry – Mobidea doesn’t wanna scam you. This is why you can find all the restrictions on the page containing info about the offer. Make sure to read ALL restrictions thoroughly so you don’t risk all you have!

Feel free to check the original article at Mobidea Academy and keep learning everyday!
can i promote cpi via facebook use direct link? i see facebook only accept appstore or google play lin
have any tips for that?
can i promote cpi via facebook use direct link? i see facebook only accept appstore or google play lin
have any tips for that?

Unfortunately if Facebook doesn't allow this, there is no whitehat way for you to promote CPI affiliate links.
Definitely there are blackhat methods existing, but we do not recommend to work this way.
Great info, thanks for sharing. If there is nothing about prelanders in the restrictions, can they be used?

Hey! Glad you liked the post.
There is always something about prelanders in restrictions. For instance on Mobidea you can check the restriction for creatives:

This means you'd need to send your banners and landers to your AM or Support Crew :D

Hey guys!

Wondering which web hosting services shall you work with?

There are too many that you get lost, and don't know which one to pick?

No worries! We've got something for you :) This time posting a little review of 3 the most popular web hosting providers out there. Wanna know more? Make sure you check the original article in Mobidea Academy!

First of all, let's talk about what should you look for, when choosing a hosting service.

As you can see, website hosting is actually a pretty simple concept, but the technology behind it is super complicated. Luckily, you don’t need to bother with that for the most part, as most of the technical stuff is done on the server side.

There are several basic factors you should take into consideration when selecting your hosting service provider, though:
1. Bandwidth and Storage
2. Scalability
3. Type of hosting

  • Shared hosting. The cheapest type – your data is stored along with data from hundreds of other sites on one computer. You get limited features, such as the way you upload the files, what programs you can run on a server, and so on. It’s a good starting point if you’re new to the game, and don’t have any particular needs for your website.
  • Virtual private server (VPS). VPS hosting is a very attractive middle-ground option, as it gives you a decent degree of functionality at a good price range. It’s a virtual machine, or a simulated instance of the operating system. Think of it as a picture in a picture – one server can have a number of independent virtual machines running, like mini-computers inside a more powerful one. Even though the hardware resources are shared among these virtual machines, the performance is better than with shared hosting, and you get more hosting features available.
  • Physical private server. In this case, you get your own, physical machine. In essence, it would be the same as setting up one at your home, but you don’t have to buy the computer, and it’s located in a data center. Obviously, you’ll need good system management skills to set it up and maintain it, but it gives you unlimited flexibility and you can tailor it to your particular needs.

4. Reliability
5. User-friendliness

Now that you are well-versed in what hosting is, let’s take a look at some of the best and most popular services out there, along with their peculiarities.

1. Bluehost
Bluehost is surely in the web hosting top 5.

Moreover, it’s the cheapest web hosting solution you’ll find on this list, if you decide to look only at the basic plans of each one.

One of the most popular providers out there, Bluehost is the number one service when it comes to WordPress sites.

It even includes one-click WordPress installation with everything set-up, which minimizes your hassle.

Its shared hosting plans start as low as $2.95 per month ($7.99 at a non-promotional price) up to $7.95 per month ($14.99, non-promotional.)

For that, you get unlimited bandwidth, unlimited websites and storage (except for the cheapest tier, where you can host only one website and have a 50GB storage limit.)

The mid-tier package that’s priced at $5.45 is probably the best bang for your buck, as you get almost all of the functionalities you could ever need.

The VPS options are significantly costlier, starting at $29.99 ($19.99 on sale) per month, scaling up to $119.99 ($59.99 on sale) per month.

No matter the package, you get a free domain with it and Bluehost specifically states that you own it, even if you decide to change your hosting service.

It’s also got special offers for WooCommerce hosting, meaning that setting up an online shop is a breeze with Bluehost.

Last but not least, it offers a 30-day money-back guarantee, and 24/7 support. This is surely one of the best web hosting companies available!

2. HostGator

One of the top web hosting companies, HostGator is an extremely popular choice. It’s got a 99.9% uptime guarantee, along with a 45-day money back guarantee.

Prices for first-time buyers are very attractive, starting at $3.95 per month of shared hosting, and only 5.95 for the business plan which includes free private SSL (a security protocol that makes sure that the communication between the server and users is safe) and a dedicated IP, which is necessary for online stores.

Its cloud hosting services are only marginally more expensive (4.95$ at the lowest level, 9.95$ for their business package), so it’s worth checking it out.

In addition, it’s got special WordPress hosting packages at an almost identical price-point. Take note that all of these prices are for the first month only – for every subsequent month, the charge is somewhat higher.

You can scale cloud services up to 4 times with no necessary downtime or data migration, giving you a much-needed flexibility if you’re not sure how your site is going to perform.

Regarding domains, bandwidth, and storage, the pricing models are similar to those of Bluehost, with only the lowest having limitations in that regard.

3. SiteGround

While not as big as Bluehost or HostGator, SiteGround is a terrifically popular choice among marketers.

The prices are a bit higher, starting at $3.95, and going up to $11.95 per month (before taxes.) Nonetheless, this is the first-time customer price – the standard price is actually twice as high.

Another major downside is that all of its plans are limited in both storage and bandwidth. Storage is limited to a measly 10GB in the lowest package, with bandwidth good for around 25,000 visitors per month, and 30GB of space and 100,000 visitors at the high end.

The biggest selling point is the service quality and customer support.
One of the main reasons for such limits is that all of its servers use only solid-state drives (SSDs) making data retrieval much faster. It’s also got great WordPress optimized packages.

In a nutshell, while it’s a bit pricier, it offers better speed and a better overall performance which is fundamental today, when people have no patience for slow-loading websites.

Hope you find this useful! Don't forget to check Mobidea Academy for even for tips and reviews!

Hey guys!

Affiliate World Asia in Bangkok is coming and Mobidea is a Diamond Sponsor this year!

We've prepared lost of interesting things for you, and one of them is our AWA2017 GUIDE that's gonna help you enjoy the event and the city at the max!

Your visa is ready and plane tickets are bought, and you are all excited to go into this adventure!
You arrive in Bangkok, and.. what's now?

1. Arrival

Before you even think about leaving the airport of your choice, make sure you visit a Currency Exchange and withdraw some cash from an ATM.

The currency used in Thailand is the Thai Baht. One Thai Baht is made of 100 satang (corresponds to cents).

Wanna figure out how many Thai Baht’s you got on your bank account? Check this link!

In general, Bangkok is cheap. You can expect to pay ฿150-250 on transportation and something like ฿300-500 on tasty food on a daily basis.

You can even check this link to compare the cost of living of Bangkok with that of your native country!

2. Check where is the event

The event is at the Centara Grand and Bangkok Convention Centre. The address: Level 22, 999/99 Rama 1 Road, Pathumwan, Bangkok 10330, Thailand. The Centara Grand and Bangkok Convention Centre is located inside a cool shopping mall.

Want more info on how to get from point A to Affiliate World Asia?

Read this amazingly detailed info!

3. Transportation

Public Buses
There’s an amazing network of public buses serving the city.
Most tourists won’t hop into buses, though, because there isn’t a lot of English language route info available, which means you can get lost.

Tuk Tuk
This isn’t just a transportation method: it’s a cultural proof that you’re actually in Bangkok. This is a motorized three wheeler vehicle, which doesn’t have a meter.
So it means that you should put your negotiation hat on and agree upon a price with your driver. It’s freestyle transportation.

Subway & Skytrain
The Skytrain is an elevated train which actually runs through the city’s main business districts. The subway will give you access to more areas that the Skytrain.
There are some interchange stations at Asok and Silom. This means you can go from the Subway to the Skytrain like a pro.

Have some money? Don’t feel like riding with other people? Then taxis are your pals.
They’re cheap. Fares will start at 35 Baht – around a dollar. Make sure that the meter is actually on and showing that specific value.
Taxis are metered but, as usual, drivers will try to negotiate with each specific passenger who comes along.
The driver is trying to deceive you? There’s no 35 Baht value on the meter?
Leave immediately and find another taxi!

Chao Phrya River Express Boat
Wanna bring a date to Affiliate World Asia? Nothing romantic like hopping on a boat.
In Bangkok, a boat usually runs every 20 minutes. At rush hour? Every 5 minutes. Got 20 Baht to spare? Then you can hop on a boat at the Central Pier and only leave at the end of the line at Nonthaburi.
The trip will last an hour, it will allow you to check some incredible sights, and it’s a pretty fast way to get to the Grand Palace at Ta Chang Pier, as well as other cool locations you have to know.

4. Touristic Stuff
Wanna experience Bangkok but don’t know what to check? List of essential things to see in Bangkok:
  • Wat Arun (The Temple of Dawn)
  • Floating Market
  • Wat Pho (the Old City)
  • Chao Phraya River
  • Chatuchak Weekend Market
  • Khao San Road
  • Grand Palace & Wat Prakeaw
Wanna check more things you can see in Bangkok? Wanna get to explore it to the max and take lots of Instagram photos? Check this link!

I hope you’ve enjoyed this Affiliate World Asia Master Guide. My goal was to provide you useful tips and advice that you can take advantage of in your wonderful trip to banging Bangkok!

What are you waiting for? Make sure you’ve got that Visa, buy that plane ticket, and come meet the Mobidea Crew at Affiliate World Asia!
Checked all the articles and threads for newbies but still don't know how to start?

No worries! We've got your back!

Check this cool webinar (slides here) and understand how to navigate your account, set up tracking, create effective campaigns, and find out how to analyze your first results like a pro!

PLUS, we’ll give you 10 beginner’s mistakes that you must avoid when starting your affiliate marketing journey to the top of the online monetization mountain!

Enjoy! :)
Hello guys!

Breaking news!

We have updated our LEARNING PATHS!

Summing up all the knowledge we have gained through the years in the business, we have realized how important it is to constantly learn in the affiliate marketing! That's why we have launched a new version of the learning paths according to the level of each affiliate. You can go from zero to hero! And the best part of it - it's absolutely FREE!

Check it out and share your feedback! We would like to hear YOUR opinion!


Hello, I am having bit of trouble with your network. I am yet to recieve my first payment i have sent my documents but i have not heard anything back for a week, and when I try to email my manger email on my dashboard, the email comes back as "email doesn't exist" could you help me out?