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Mad Guru Disease Reaches Epidemic Proportions

Linda Buquet

It's ravaging our industry and the death toll is rising. Thousands, dare I say millions, of would be affiliates and Internet marketing newbies drop off the face of the Internet each year, never to return. Why? They are sick. Sick of the gimmicks, hype and scams... sick of high pressure sales letters that promise instant online wealth with no work - then don't deliver.

I won't go on, because most of you know how I feel about crappy ebooks & guru scavengers that gang up on newbies like a bunch of vultures. My, aren't I in a positive upbeat mood today! :p

<a href="" title="Photo Sharing"><img src="" width="172" height="175" alt="Mad Guru Disease" align="left" hspace="10" /></a>Lynn Terry offers some great insight into the spread of "<strong><a target="_new" href="">Mad Guru Disease</a></strong>" offering 2 scenarios. 1) The gurus will cause the market to crash and burn
OR 2) the market will CORRECT itself.

Lynn writes: "Readers will collectively de-vote (and unsubscribe) from Infected Guru?s, disinfect themselves from drone patterns and begin to vote for and share better resources with each other.

The terminally-infected Guru?s will die off, with shrinking lists and dried up streams of revenue. Those that are still treatable will make a choice to de-tox and make changes, or milk the revenue streams for their last drops of income before moving on to the next cash cow."

Read the rest here:
<a target="_new" href="">Mad Guru Disease</a>

What do YOU think???
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New Member
Hi Linda,

You almost read in my mind :) I have written an article lately (March 2007) about the scam phenomenon in our industry. The title is "The Credibility Of An Online Business From Home". Here is the archive available on my blog:

Yan’s Home Business Journey For Freedom Journal: March 2007

Since I am in this industry and had surfed and got interaction with many people, unfortunately, this industry is flooded of scams and "want to make money" with your pocket or "be rich in 15 minutes effortless".

We should be aware that scams will always be part of this industry but with education, learning and experience, I hope that people will be able to make the difference between the honest opportunities and the scams. That's why forums like this one are all about, to share tips, advises and experience to help others having more success or avoid costly mistakes.

For everyone, when you land on an opportunity or an affiliate, make some research on the internet about this opportunity. Some people are evaluating opportunities and score them. So at least, if you can get some feedback, you will be more informed before you subscribe or enroll.

Thanks Linda for sharing and I totally agree with your post! It's a great one.