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Link shortner service -Reward Program ( review)

Discussion in 'Design and Creatives' started by Linda Wayland, Sep 7, 2016.

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  1. Linda Wayland

    Linda Wayland Affiliate affiliate

    Hi websitefix's,

    I m happy to join such forum , my name is Linda Wayland i came up with a new shortner link service which we have lunched recently and some webmasters already working with it on their website.

    Our shortner link is a costum script which we have devloped our selves and we have add many features and tools which can not be found on other competitive sites. You can find some of our best feautures in the chart bellow;


    so.gd is free to join at the same time let you make a steady income from your links.
    webmasters and marketers can start an ad compagin and get a cheap real traffic targeting other publishers who joined our service ,
    our main dashborad options can help setting up your your first compagin

    Check out our payment rates page for each Geo location

    Get you free Account today and start making Money

    i m waiting back to left your review and feedbacks as we are on beta stage and welling to add any further tools you may suggest , lets built an Exceptionnel shortner link together.

    Thank You and best regards.


    Linda Wayland
    [email protected]
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