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Leica M7

Discussion in 'Design and Creatives' started by I'm H, Dec 31, 2009.

  1. I'm H

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    Released in 2002 Leica M7 was yet another improved version of the M series of Leica cameras. It had many new innovative features when compared to its predecessors. Its aperture priority type of shutter speed automation was the most advanced feature it had. The shutter of the M7 has been improved to be electronically operated and it was still quieter than those of its predecessors. Flash synchronization has been improved with the ability to go up to 1/1000 second with Metz flash. [​IMG] With all the improvements incorporated in Leica M7 it is still 80% M6 according to some experts. This is because M6 itself was a highly improved camera. Though the focal plane shutter of M7 has been improved with electronic speed control a salient feature was incorporated into it. If you find your battery dead, still you could shoot with this camera as it had two shutter speeds of 1/60 second and 1/125 second as mechanical back up shutter speeds. This was a very useful feature incorporated into M7. As M7 has electronics that other Leica cameras didn?t have, there is the possibility to use electronically set shutter speeds. When you press the shutter release button you will feel that there are three positions for it. When it is free you could start by pressing it halfway. You will start seeing the shutter speed. Press a bit further your shutter speed will be locked for the aperture you have selected. Finally, when you press the button further down, you will take your snap shot. [​IMG] In over 50 years of Leica history with M series cameras, M7 is the most advanced camera that was manufactured by 2002. In auto exposure mode the camera is able to set shutter speeds to match the exposure and instead of selecting the traditional shutter speeds it selected in between speeds also. This paved the way for better photography. Whatever the improvements that were incorporated into this camera it still belonged to the M series of Leica. Therefore Leica M7 also had the M series look and feel. Unlike some of the previous models of Leica cameras the M7 demand was so high that the manufacturers were not able to supply the demand. Though Leica is a conservative brand that sticks to their old ways the users of their cameras loved them. Most seasoned camera users who have used Leica cameras testify that M7 was the best from the lot.
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