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Leica M4

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The Leica M4 served as the successor of the popular M series models, M2 and M3. The Leica M4 may be the best of both worlds of both cameras. The M3 was popular for its 50-90-135mm lenses that were not compatible for wide lens requirements of photographers. The M2 uses the standard 35-50-90mm lenses that were just right. The M4 features all frame lines at .72 magnifications (sadly they did not use M3?s higher magnification). This model also bears the frame counter of M3 but with some additional upgrades and features. The Leica M4 was designed with more attractive modifications such as a more intuitive loading mechanism that does not require a spool. A crank is used for film rewinding which replaced M3?s telescopic knob that a lot of consumers find irritating to use. Leitz also used a unique rewind system, frame selectors, angled film lever and a self-timer. Many photographers consider the Leica M4 as one of the best in the Rangefinder series of Leica cameras. One of the reasons for this acclaim would be the finder optics as well as the incredible build and functionality that were not realized even in latter camera models. The Leica M4 was first released in 1967 in which production started to decline in 1972 since the Leica M5 was released in 1971. However, the price of the M5 as well as its bulk made underwhelming impression from the market. The sales did not live up to the standards of the company so the M4 was in full swing again until 1975, when the camera production for this model ceased. Nevertheless, remnants of the camera was taken and in 1977, the updated Leica M4-2 was released that bears the same frame but used a more cost effective manufacturing process compared to the hand screwed process of the past. After the M4-2, another updated was released in early 1980s called the M4-P with added frame lines. The robust quality and high quality image output produced using the Leica M4 made it one of the bestselling and longest running camera model from Leica in the rangefinder division. Both collectors and avoid photographers recognize the construction and functionality of the camera. This is a highly sought after model and some are even in-use till today. The heritage of Leitz in creating high quality cameras is held firmly by this model that notable photographers of the past and present recognize.