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Leica M9

Discussion in 'Design and Creatives' started by I'm H, Apr 22, 2010.

  1. I'm H

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    Even before the emergence of digital cameras, Leica cameras were known for precision and high performance. Leica M9 is the second camera that was manufactured by Leica Camera AG after transition from the photographic film based cameras to the digital cameras. It is precision in quality, light in weight and small in size. Like its predecessors M9 is also a range finder camera and not a DSLR. When it comes to taking photographs with Leica M9, you have the help of the superior quality of the Leica M9 lens and the 18.5 pixel image sensor supplied by Kodak. This image sensor is specially designed for M9. The combination helps you take high quality pictures of 35mm format. When it comes to handling, this camera is unbeatable. There is the 2.5? monitor and the four way switch and a dial. [​IMG] By pressing the ISO button you could set the sensitivity easily. There are many other settings available in most digital cameras and they could be accessed by pressing the set button. This is a highly portable camera as it weighs only 600 grams with battery, making it suitable for outdoor photography and for taking along with you as a companion when you go out on tours. In order to compliment their light weight, M series of Leica cameras are made to be small also. They are the world?s smallest full format digital cameras as they have dimensions of only 139 X 37 X 80mm. All metal construction of these cameras makes them highly durable. The top and bottom plates are made out of brass and the body is made out of a magnesium alloy. Even its inner mechanisms are made to last a life time of a man. Leica M9 camera also is extremely silent and has a scratch proof cover for its LCD display. [​IMG] M9 has an identical sister in M9 P. It has a few technical details which are different from the original M9. The crystal out of which the cover for the LCD display is made is one of the hardest materials. As it is coated with an antiglare coating, viewing is still easier when the lighting conditions are not favourable. Controls of Leica M9 are very easy to handle. They are so easy to set that you could easily change any setting with a finger tip even in darkness. For instance, the aperture ring will stop at each end and there are click stops for you to do the adjustment even without looking at it. Shutter speed dial also could be adjusted with feel if you are familiar with the camera. Settings are simple. If you set it to A, you will be in automatic mode. In case you select M you need to select a shutter speed also because you are in manual mode. When you need to focus Leica m9 you have the option to guess the distance and focus without looking through the view finder.
    However, it is easy to align the split images in order to get a sharp focus. One important feature with this camera is that it has no cosmetic additions such as slide shows with music, video, HDMI output etc. There is no GPS or any other fancy features either. It is made for experienced photographers. The camera has an info button that you could press while you are shooting and all the information you need, will be displayed. They include battery level, shutter speed, pictures left and the memory card capacity. When compared to other cameras available in the market, you will find that it is the camera that has the best image quality. Also it undoubtedly is the camera that is easiest to use and the most portable. In addition to that when you carry one of these cameras even if you are a professional you will look like an amateur or a tourist. Unlike a big DSLR it is not bulky or heavy. M9 is available in Black as well as in grey color. Black is a color anyone may prefer but only if you use black lenses also. In case you use both black and grey colored lenses the more suitable color is the steel grey. Leica M9 has a fixed hot shoe for the flash and it has bayonet mount for quick and easy changing of lenses. It has a horizontally moving focal plane shutter that makes very little noise. It has shutter speeds of up to 1/4000 of a second. Due to this reason, you could take pictures with this camera under any lighting condition. You have the maximum exposure time of 32 seconds. If you look at Leica history you will find that Leica has been making cameras since 1913. Since then they have been engaged in product development. Therefore, it is not strange for the M9 to be such a precision camera. Every aspect of this camera has been designed with a lot of forethought.
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