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Leica M1

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In the history of Leica cameras, the most popular during its heydays were the Leica M3, M4 as well as the M6. No one really mentions another model until they find it lying somewhere in the piles of memorabilia?s from the past. One less discussed camera from Leitz was the Leica M1. Sadly, it is not really a comparable camera to the other 3 we have enumerated. The M1 was designed as a general purpose camera. It was also used with Visoflex (converts the M series cameras from rangefinders to reflex cameras) and microscopes In a sense, the Leica M1 was designed for play. It was not the type of camera that you would use to create stunning images for photo-journalistic purposes. A camera that does not offer the rangefinder features of other M series Leica cameras definitely puts this one on the last place. Its utter simplicity makes it difficult to shoot images. It takes some level of skill to get used to the zone focus or an external meter to get a good shot. If given the choice, consumers would have opted for the M3 or even the M2. The Leica M1 has permanent frame lines for the standard focal lengths of 35mm and 50mm. the window where you used to see the rangefinder is covered with a metal plate bearing the name of the camera. It was said that there was a way to add a rangefinder but for our purpose, we will leave that out of the picture. Loading film on the M1 is tough work, especially in today?s standards in which you have to manually do it using the spool method. It can be time consuming but is fine if you are into these kinds of cameras. Compared to the models like M2 and M3, the M1 seems to bear most, if not all features of these popular models. The real question is if it is a good investment for interested buyers. For collector?s value, yes, the Leica M1 is indeed a nice catch since only a few thousand units were manufactured. Thus, this is not a camera that an amateur photographer would be benefiting from. A collector would find the M1 a missing piece in their Leica M series. The price of the M1 was on the same rate as the M2 and M3 so for the purpose of shooting images, it would take a certain level of discipline to generate a good image with the M1. It is not the most practical buy and paying a bit more for M2 or M3 will be a better decision to make.