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Larwee Turns ONE - Happy Birthday Party - You're Invited!

Linda Buquet

Tomorrow is Larwee's (Larry) 1st anniversary with 5 Star. In some ways it feels like he's been with me forever and in some ways it feels like he just started working with me in Oct for some reason.

At any rate, there is no way I could run this forum without him. He works round the clock and is a stickler for detail, so he catches a myriad of things I would either let slide or just be too busy to even notice. :rolleyes:

Even though its his 1st anniversary I choose to call it his 1st birthday.
WHY you ask???:confused:

So I'm inviting everyone to Larrys 1st Birthday Party!

Who's invited? All 5 Star Members & Guests
When? Thursday July 19th from 10AM PDT - ???
Food? Yes we are having CAKE - Come gets some!
Presents? Optional... Here are some suggestions...

1) Find a post Larry wrote that you like and link to it here in his Bday thread.
There are some doosies here: <a href="">5 Star second anniversary Fun Thread</a>

2) OR Find a quote on the net that describes Larry or reminds you of Larry or that you think he would enjoy.

3) OR Find a picture of what you think Larry looks like when he's madly at work modding 5 Star. :p
(Flickr or other legal to copy pics only please)
(HINT: Larry is a mystery, I don't even know what he looks like... but I kinda picture him looking like
the Wizard of OZ or a mad scientist in a room surrounded by 5 big monitors.)

So come and eat cake with us tomorrow and help celebrate Larry's 1st Birthday.
It will be fun - you don't want to miss it!

Linda Buquet

I should mention that I can only be at tomorrow's party from 10 - 1.

My son, his wife and my adorable little 6 month old
Grandson are coming for a visit. (So excited!) So I need to leave early
as we have lots of family reunion type stuff planned for the next couple days.

But even though I need to leave the party early you guys
can party all day and night until Larry gets tired of you
and wants to send ya all home. :p


Linda said: "a mad scientist in a room surrounded by 5 big monitors"

lol :) Now how did you do that sign picture?? :)
1st birthday means he's just a teeny little baby Larwee. :) Will make time to pop in :) Enjoy your time with your family and umm belated Happy Grandmom to you for the birth of your grandchild:) Betcha won't be spoling your grandson at all either huh?? lol :) You're allowed:) That's a specific rule under Grandmom rules....Grandmoms are allowed to spoil their grandchildren as much as humanly possible :)


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purplebear, did you see what happens when you click on that sign?

This is no joke. Linda is almost correct on one thing. There are 6 computers in my home office.

I'll have more to say later, including something nice about Linda and the 5 Star community.


Congrats Larwee on your first!

Wow two celebrations right in a row, how awesome is that?

I just got back from vacation and got this nice little invite to a party. I don't have to go back to work till Monday so I'll be sure and stop by tomorrow.

You know here in the south we're known to black the face of the birthday youngun'. Hmm, wonder how I can do that at this party?

I'll have to think about that. :D


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I can hardly wait for the excitement to begin!!!

I will be up all night trying to catch up on a few things. I have a box of Cheeze-It and a bag of potato chips for snacks.

I hope the spammers are nice tonight and the early morning hours and stay away.

Actually I like the food Spam that is made by Hormel. I love the smell and the taste. I never get tired of that Spam. Welcome to

A perfect gift for me would be a great idea or suggestion to make 5 Star Affiliate Marketing Forums even better. If you think of something, please post it in the suggestions thread http://affiliate-marketing-forums.5...ests-awards/3696-forum-ideas-suggestions.html

Linda has told me she has something planned for my party but I have no idea what it is.

All of you are invited. Be sure to invite your friends.


New Member
Happy birthday!! How old are... er!!! :D

Actually I like the food Spam that is made by Hormel. I never get tired of that Spam.

Post a picture of yourself and then I'm sure some one can make a head transplant on this...


There are 6 computers in my home office.

Is one of them an...iMac!! :D


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Nintendo, I would love to have that many cans of Spam around. They wouldn't last long because I really love that stuff.

It isn't really my birthday. It is my first anniversary of being with 5 Star.

No on the Mac question.

Thanks for helping this to be a special day.


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Andrew, a big thanks to you for such a sincere post.

I love McDonald's. It is great to see my name up on a McDonald's sign. I never thought of that before.

I could eat some Spam sandwiches then go to McDonald's for a few fudge sundaes.

This is already a great day for me. Thanks for taking part, Andy.


Rockstar Larry

Its Larry's 1st B'Day...Wooohooooooo....

Here's a brief testimonial for Larry:

"Larry or Larwee as we know him is one of the best moderators I have come across in any forums. Not only he works very hard in keeping this forum spam free, but has bundles of great information that he shares generously with us making us get wiser, and smarter everyday in affiliate marketing. Larry's not only Linda's best ally in running this forum, but someone that even all of us can count on when we need any help. He is simply a rockstar. Keep up the good work Larry"

Congrats once again....:)


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A rockstar? There are some people who might think I have rocks in my head.

It wouldn't be bad to be thought of as a rockstar or to be treated like one.

Thanks for the very kind words ayushpant.


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This is absolutely great. All of this and the party hasn't even officially started yet.

Since this is a party and every party should be fun, here is a little game for all of you to play while you wait for the official start of the party.

It gave a few members a laugh and provided them with some fun when I first made a post about it in this thread 2 days after my arrival here at 5 Star http://affiliate-marketing-forums.5...oom-hang-out-shoot-breeze/2204-fun-funny.html

Here is that game for you to play once again. If you have never played it before, I hope you will enjoy it and possibly get at least a small laugh out of it. This is my party and I want you to have fun. No instructions are needed for this game. Just wait a few seconds after you click the link, something will happen and it will be easy for you to figure out what you are suppose to do. Click the link and enjoy Nose


Happy first birthday to you Larry! Do you feel one year wiser? Everyone at 5star does appreciate your work.

What has been your favorite thread?



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Thanks Jamie.

I will be expressing some of my more personal thoughts later today.

I'm going to be very diplomatic and not pick my favorite thread because there are so many good threads.

However, you have given me an idea. You might be seeing the results of that idea here at 5 Star within the next few months. There are some advantages to being an administrator.

This is party day and it is going to be a fantastic party.

One thing. I don't drink. I've never had a drink in my life. Besides there shouldn't be any drinking at a first birthday party.:)

Besides Spam, I also love milk. We could make milk the official Larwee drink. Orange juice is great too.

I hope you will come back later today after the party officially begins.