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Keyword research

Discussion in 'Newbie Helpdesk' started by redrockmtn, Jul 4, 2019.

Which keywork research tool do you use?

  1. Ahrefs

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  2. SEMrush

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  3. LongTailPro

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  1. redrockmtn

    redrockmtn Affiliate affiliate

    I have some ideas for a niche affiliate marketing website but I want to research them to see what is most viable. I am new to doing keyword research but want to find out what my competition would be for certain keywords. I have been reading that Ahrefs, SEMrush, and Longtailpro are good tools to use but I am on a budget. Also there is Google's tools: suggest, correlate, and trends. Also there is keywordtool.io.

    Which tools do you recommend that are not too expensive and do you know of a good walkthrough/video for using the tools? Also I think that there are paid forums which have keyword tools as part of the membership package.
  2. AdCombo
  3. Graybeard

    Graybeard Well-Known Member affiliate

    >>>[A]s the technological landscape changes, we will need to alter our strategies and start thinking about questions and ideas like these in our vision for the future of our brands:
    • Less focus on queries and more focus on context appears inevitable. Where does our content fit into a user’s journey? What would they have learned before consuming it, and what will they need to know next? Note that this is much more vital than simply a shift from keywords to topics, which has been happening for a very long time already. Discovery without queries is much more fundamental and impacts our strategies in a much more profound way.<<<A New Era of Google Search: What It Means for SEO
    You would be wise not to waste too much time and money on keywords for SEO purposes (2004 mindset).
    For PPC/CPC bidding keyword data is needed.
    So what is your intent?
  4. redrockmtn

    redrockmtn Affiliate affiliate

    Thanks Graybeard. I am reading the guides from your link, searchenginejournal.com. Super awesome resource for SEO! Here is some info that I have noted so far from this resource.

    "Yet some things never change, one factor remains constant: Google
    has always focused on quality, beneficial content that users love to
    read, watch, listen to, and share. With quality content that benefits the
    user as a focal point in Google’s ranking algorithm, it is imperative to
    also make that the priority of the SEO when producing content.

    There is one simple answer to this: give your customers value.If you
    know what your customers need/want and give it to them, you will win
    in SEO tremendously.
    There is only one algorithm that matters: Your customers – and their
    hearts, minds, and souls.

    We’re currently at a turning point in the industry and the strategies we
    use, making now one of the more difficult times to work in.
    Many of the classic SEO elements still hold a lot of weight, things like
    incoming links and internal structures so we’re having to optimize for
    those but at the same time most see the writing on the wall – AI is pushing
    its way into the algorithm and with it an increased ability for Google to
    understand a user’s intent and whether a page meets that intent
    and deliver that as a result that irrespective of many of those classic
    Essentially, SEOs today (and for the next year or two) need to optimize
    for two sets of signals, the ones that have worked historically and the
    ones we can see working in the near future – and the same content
    and strategy isn’t necessarily ideal for both."