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Is SEO Dead?

Discussion in 'Search Engine Optimisation' started by Sebastian Hanson, Aug 22, 2015.

  1. Sebastian Hanson

    Sebastian Hanson Affiliate affiliate

    Ok, this is my personal experiment. You know I am on MMO niche and try to figure out what is the competition of short tail keywords like "Work from home" "Earn money home" I used SEO quark, SemRush, Ahref in order to analysis the competition and saw the competition is huge. It looks like It will take 10+ years to get ranked in the first page of google. So in that sense SEO is dead? I think then better invest in PPC or other online advertising. What is your thought?
  2. terraleads
  3. JakeMA

    JakeMA Affiliate Manager Affiliate Manager affiliate

    SEO is still a great traffic source just tricky to master. It's trial and error like all traffic sources. SEO is great as its so well targeted. Some of our top earners at MonsterAds all run SEO. Niches like diet, heath, dating, credit reports, biz opps, gaming. The more key words and sites you have the better don't limit yourself to a few. Also you'll want to think outside the box with your key words if you focus on the obvious the competition will be huge.
  4. Erik Kyle

    Erik Kyle Affiliate affiliate

    I think SEO has changed it's dimension a bit,Those who thinks SEO is all about manipulating with sites which often doesn't even fit in ranking at the top of the search engine results page's, i think they are more or less not getting what's actually SEO,SEO it self means Search engine optimization.so it's only a process which you have to follow to make it more understandable to search engines.so it's not necessary to overlap things much.
  5. marketerbybirth

    marketerbybirth Affiliate affiliate

    SEO.. Is only one factor while there are several other things to be taken into the account. Keep your canvas broad. Don't remain sticked with the typical keywords. For example, you can add a lot of attraction in the shape of success stories. Don't you know Amazon`s founder started his business from home?
  6. Super Marketer

    Super Marketer Affiliate affiliate

    Nowadays still SEO working fine if you are doing well competitor research and follow the strategy. Read carefully what google want and what aren't not. I suggest you to start over with long tail keywords because it's really hard to get reach your goal by targeting short phase keywords. Best of luck.
  7. Jackson TT

    Jackson TT Affiliate Manager Affiliate Manager affiliate

    I don't believe so, but I can understand the arguments that claim it's diminishing.

    The way I see it the search engines getting smarter and slowly shifting towards 'long tail search' merely changes the way we operate.

    The cheap workarounds and 'cheats' such as link-farming are no longer the best option.

    The way search engines work now ensures quality is placed higher, so we just need to ensure our content and design matches that criteria. There's no shortcuts, you just need to write aimed directly at your audience, and not 70% at audience and 30% at an algorithm.

    Search Engine 'Shortcuts' DEAD
    Search Engine 'Optimization' is still alive, and a little less corrupt.
    Last edited: Sep 1, 2015
  8. webboxing

    webboxing Affiliate affiliate

    Its just the algorithms and patterns that are changing. SEO will somehow manage to survive with twists and bends. The search will become more personalized depending on who is searching the web, still SEO will not lose its importance, it will just change.
  9. threenerds2014

    threenerds2014 Affiliate affiliate

    Search engine always trying to come up with good result. As a matter of fact, you need to learn how the search engine works. Another way you can analyze your competitors how they get a position in search engine. I do agree with @Jackson TT there are no shortcut if you want to a higher position in search engine. What you needed to stick with planning, make a working strategy and work every day.
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  10. Abdullah

    Abdullah Affiliate affiliate

    Check out the following link.It will definitely drive away your confusion about SEO's effectiveness.
    Does SEO Still Matter?
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  11. T J Tutor

    T J Tutor Administrator Administrator moderator affiliate

    SEO is a subordinate to paid sources, but acts as an incredible reinforcement for those with sites containing frequently updated and relevant information, products, and services especially when a proper social wheel is implemented!
  12. amin021023

    amin021023 Affiliate affiliate

    SEO will never die, that's a fact but, however there's no point going for keywords like that because the competition is insane, still you can go for other not that popular keywords like: "earn 5$ per day"
  13. hypefree

    hypefree Affiliate affiliate

    Say I was Google and I wanted to kill all "SEO experts" from manipulating and getting rankings fast, what I would do is get millions of trackers on millions of computers then measure a search say for example:

    "Best mortgage rate"

    then I would follow where this person went to look at the results and even outside and how long on each site and track that. Finally where they got the result. I WOULD IGNORE BACK LINKS AND EVERYTHING ELSE just care about what they found finally as the solution! That would be how I rank then when I run out I put back links and other factors.

    Now how do you fake and fix that?
  14. konstantin

    konstantin Affiliate affiliate

    SEO is more alive than ever, and it's more fair than ever in my opinion.

    People used to get a lot of traffic from nowhere with a lot of "dirty" ways, and there websites might just be totally useless. Of course i don't blame them, if there is an opportunity for someone to manipulate SEO and rank first and make sales or anything by all means go ahead and grab your chance.

    But for people who are not looking for a short term spike and just to make a few bucks and get out, but they seek to make a long term online business, Google is trying to make search engines to appreciate more your quality business.

    You just have to try and be unique most of the times if you belong in a popular niche. Don't you ever limit yourself in one or two SEO techniques.

    There are tons of SEO techniques out there that can help you.

    Let me share a story with you. I recently made a website for a German Language Center in my hometown Limassol. There wasn't a lot of German institutes there so i thought hey, it will be easier to rank high. But still, i tried using short keywords like "German", or "German Language" but nothing. My website was nowhere to be found.

    And so i sat down and think. What if i am someone that has just relocate in this town, and i have to learn German for my new job or something. I dont know many people here so i will search the internet. What am i going to search ? Then it hit me !!! Why not try a VERY LONG keyword ? People nowadays are using LONG search keywords to find exactly what they need instead of searching for minutes.

    And so i have tried the most logicla Long keyword.
    "Learn German Language in Limassol" and "Learn German in Limassol"
    Boom a few days later the website is the 4th result in the first page of Google for that keyword, and my client received 2 clients who found the website like that. (The website paid for itself already in one month!!)

    So people i guess SEO today is still alive but we need sometimes to think outside of the box and stop following the exact practices the rest of people are using!!
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  15. New Marketer

    New Marketer Affiliate affiliate

    SEO will never dead, but the competition is getting higher and higher. You need to stick up with current search algorithm try to figure out what search engine want. Optimizing is long-term process, but the result is also good. SEO never dead just getting harder.
  16. Dr. Forum

    Dr. Forum Affiliate affiliate

    SEO still forms the basis of web ranking and traffic of your website. What has changed over time is the metrics that are used to rank the pages. With these differences, SEO strategies have in turn changed a lot. Top search engine such as google are keen when it comes to ranking of the pages. They change the strategies so as to avoid people faking there way to the top of the pages. There are some of the standards and regulations that you need to follow when doing the SEO especially for the websites.

    SEO is something that will live forever as long as ranking websites exists.
  17. samir09

    samir09 Affiliate affiliate

    I think Seo is not dead because if you good knowledge of seo then work.
  18. zozoreview

    zozoreview Affiliate affiliate

    Increasingly difficult when there are 4 positions for google adword
  19. T J Tutor

    T J Tutor Administrator Administrator moderator affiliate

    Well, there are four on top and then there are three on the bottom.

    But what does that have to do with SEO?
  20. pwarbi

    pwarbi Affiliate affiliate

    It seems to me that ever since SEO was first developed that people are saying that it's dying, but all these years later it's still going as strong as ever. Some of the techniques used night not still have the same effect as they once did, but as with everything, things change.

    While I think that Google in particular are constantly changing the goalposts in regards to SEO, there's nothing to stop SEO changing and adapting with those changes.
  21. Mobidea

    Mobidea Affiliate Manager Affiliate Manager Service Manager affiliate

    SEO is not dead. Far from it.

    Once you master the techniques to use and have read enough info on the matter, you'll notice that it is not only a good tool but an essential one.

    Read up, get beyond the basics and I guarantee you'll see a huge difference in the amount of exposure and awareness your website can get.


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