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Is ClickBank worth a try?


New Member
Just out of interest, what do you guys thing of Click bank ive seen so many people thinking its the holy grail and then again have seen alot hate it , cant seem to find anything here ?

Is it worth a crack ? ive tried it before and failed with out one sale ?

Bit of a downer :(


Hello RiverWire, I see tons of people going with clickbank. I have some clickbank items on one of my blogs. I havent had any sales yet BUT I'm still a newbie with is trying to get traffic and all. I am guessing since you tired it b4, just take OR remember what mistakes you made and learn from them. I wish you luck in whatever you decide to do.


As with any affiliate product you choose to promote, it depends on what you're promoting and to whom.

ClickBank is probably one of the easiest programs to join (you just need a unique e-mail address and a place to send the checks) and there are some good products to promote.

Some affiliates dislike ClickBank because of how easy it is for someone to steal a commission by substituting their ClickBank nickname in the hoplink and the lack of stats -- which has improved over the last few months.

To be frank, I wouldn't recommend promoting the online marketing products unless you're an experiened marketer, because those are the ones who are savvy enough to hijack the commission.

When you do find a product you want to promote, make sure to look over the sales letter, check its conversion rate, and make sure it pays a decent commission.

Good luck,
~ Teli

Linda Buquet

I'm not a CB fan for a number of reasons that I've talked about before.
You don't see much talk about it here because most of our affiliates sell real physical products like guitars and computers instead of info products.

IF you found a very niche product on CB that you had a target market for you could maybe do OK. But like Teli said, most affiliates, especially newbies tend to try to sell all the Interent Marketing guru secrets, get rich quick, make money with Adsense or other products like that and get discouraged when they don't make a sale. Those products are way too competitive and a newbie trying to sell get rich quick, learn to make money online ebooks just doesn't work out.

Franck S

I sell many clickbank products.

I agree with you Linda. Newbies shouldn't try to market "make money online" clickbank products.

It's tough.

Instead promote these:

"How to learn french", "Golf","How to learn spanish"...

While there are many rubbish products, there are many gems in clickbank. I am currently writing an ebook about someone I am coaching.

He just made his first clickbank commission with only a free blogger blog and article marketing, without spending any money.

He sold a good "Learn French software". I know it is good since it is one of my affiliate coach's software and I have a free pass!

I am thinking about going deeply in this niche since I am french. It will not be difficult for me to dominate that niche I think.

Linda Buquet

Sounds like a good niche for you and i"m sure there are some good niche products there. Its just that I mainly hear about all the get rich quick and adsense bazillions programs, many of which IMHO just take advantage of newbies anxious to learn all "the secrets."

Franck S

All those get rich quick schemes products are not worth it 99% of the time... However, there are some real products.

I bought many products, some where good while most of them weren't worth it. Most of the time you'd better buy a solid marketing ebook at

There is a goldmine of information on the web, and most people don't know it yet: Blogs.


New Member
You can make profit if you can identify underexposed good product before others

You can make profit from clickbank by discovering the underexposed product. There are many good products out there that are simply underexposed. These product are not high rank in clickbank, but it will slowly climp up the ladder. If you can identify the product before others, you will avoid the competition with those experienced marketer.


Yes as someone mentioned there are a lot of gold nuggets in clickbank but you just have to find which ones.

I always advise people to test out their product, test their customer service, the way in which they conduct business etc. to see if you want to be marketing their product.

Clickbank is good because it gives you good statistics that are dipict the products overall success, past success, how many people affiliates refer the products and some more stats.

Choose you category that your interested in is what I would highly suggest. Don't just market whatever.

I see a lot of people marketing something just because they can get a good $100 every sales. But it has to be something you like, are interested in, something that has improved or made a difference in your business or life.

The conviction in your marketing, your email drip system if your using one and the message you communicate on your websites will be that much stronger.

Hope that helps.



I would say Clickbank is great for affiliate products
I have managed alot of sales from Clickbank and get a cheque passed my minimum of $100 most months - I dont like small cheques!

Its also great if you write your own PDF or have your own product. You can get loads of people to get traffic to your site and bring you sales, even when they dont get a commission themselves! The best free advertising available anywhere

It is true most people that try with Clickbank never make a single sale even after years of trying. This is for a number of reasons, mainly to do with mistakes they make with their promotion. However there are other people making thousands every month, by using Adwords

The biggest mistake is NOT encripting the affiliate link
People are not stupid, if they see hop.clickbank... then obviously its an affiliate link. Why would they want to buy from your affiliate linkk, when they can use their own and get a discount at the same time?
However if they dont realize its an affiliate link - then BINGO you get the sale

The other mistake is promoting the wrong products. There are some products from clickbank that are very difficult to sell, and some others that sell like hotcakes. There are also products that dont sell on "free" type advertising services. So its all about selecting the right products and bearing in mind WHERE you are going to sell them

Finally - the best way to sell is via an autoresponder type newsletter course. You provide people with lots of free information about working from home or something, and simply write content, that is really about the products you want them to buy. When they click on the ENCRIPTED link - thats another sale

Steve Morris

I personally have made very little money from click bank, but I am inexperienced with regard affiliate information product marketing. untill I am more experenced with marketing I shall be avoiding clickbank.