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I wanted to publish and sell my first eBook. Need help

Discussion in 'General Affiliate Marketing Forum' started by hardeepmalik, Jun 29, 2017.

  1. hardeepmalik

    hardeepmalik Affiliate affiliate

    I have created my first eBook 2 days before. And I thought to sell it on sellfy. com and llink is https: // sellfy. com / p / VEty / (no spaces). It is a weight loss guide.

    So, I published it there. Till now it has 12 views but I am quite hopeless that it would sell there.
    I was thinking of going for Amazon.com but since I am from India, I need to register at KDP and they don't allow to sell anywhere else digitally. Hence, I didn't choose Amazon.

    Can anyone of you offer me some help as to where to publish for FREE and sell at a profit with a nice market?
  2. Voluum
  3. Mike Martin

    Mike Martin Affiliate affiliate

    Well, if you publish it for free, any revenue is "profit" :)

    So, who are you competing against for selling weight loss guides? Clickbank has a ton of people selling weight loss information, and I betcha that a good amount of your content is already available for free online. I had this happen to me when I was selling info on real estate investing and online marketing. Without any real backend product sales to offer to your customers, you will not have much success trying to sell a weight-loss ebook. A better strategy may be to give it away, but then build a customer list and be able to promote a larger back-end product, including a webinar, seminar, weight loss products, or other products or services.

    - Mike