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  1. Rob Richardson

    Hi affiliates!

    I’m Rob. I want successfully create an income stream via affiliate marketing.
  2. Helviss

    It's me

    Hey guys, My name is Helvis - I own several blogs in SEO, marketing, bicycling and design niches. Do inbound marketing and SEO. If can be of any help - lemme know ;)
  3. H

    I wanted to publish and sell my first eBook. Need help

    I have created my first eBook 2 days before. And I thought to sell it on sellfy. com and llink is https: // sellfy. com / p / VEty / (no spaces). It is a weight loss guide. So, I published it there. Till now it has 12 views but I am quite hopeless that it would sell there. I was thinking of...
  4. D


    Hey all, joined a few weeks ago, but haven't said hello yet. I'm just getting in to affiliate marketing after ~5 years of "studying" it. My experience with IM is limited-I opened an Etsy shop a few years ago, 2012 I think, and marketed it on Facebook. After a year of struggling with it I...
  5. N

    New to the Community

    Hello All, I'm new to affiliate marketing, but have a background in media buying. The biggest thing I can't wrap my head around is "landing pages." What type of affiliate campaign would require a custom landing page? Why wouldn't you drive traffic directly to the advertisers app/website to...
  6. mahmoud hanadi

    Mahmoud - Top Selections

    Hey guys how are you , glad to finally allocate some time to be active on this nice community I work for Top Selections where a lot of great things happen we have our own mobile content and leadgen offers and we are always on the lookout for creative people when it comes to traffic for the...
  7. notoriouskrock

    Hello I am new to this forum!

    Hi Everyone, My name is Kevin and I been practicing SEO on a cyber security blog for about a year now. I just started a new Amazon Affiliate website and I know I need a lot of help with this. I joined to get access to the best in the industry. I really enjoy doing SEO and building WordPress...
  8. E

    Any advice for a new comer?

    Hi, I'm 17 and from the UK. I've just created an account after coming across this website when looking up a you tuber that i have been watching. I'm just wondering has anyone got any advice on where I can start or tell me what the basics are that I will need to learn. I have watched videos on...
  9. ventoman

    ventoman onboard

    Just getting onboard and would like to say Hi to the House and thank the Mods for letting me in. Am a Developer and am passionate about Internet Marketing. Would be glad to make new friends, get new leads and look for ways to help each other out. As for me its Cheers from here !
  10. R

    Hello World!

    Dear Friends, My name is Robert Tedders, Founder and CEO of We are a new CPA network with the mission "to forge a brand in the CPA Marketing space built on ethics, morality, transparency, quality, and profitability for all". I have over 13 years experience in a variety...
  11. jcofano

    New Guy - Searching for Freedom

    JC here... I'm on a mission to get my life back. I can't handle sitting behind a computer... and in countless meetings 9 hrs. a day. I'm dying from corporate BS, and must break free fast, before it's too late. I have a solid plan, but still need to learn as much as possible from other...