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I wanted to further with Mobile Offers

Discussion in 'Mobile Marketing' started by Erica Tay, Feb 16, 2017.

  1. Erica Tay

    Erica Tay Affiliate affiliate

    I have been looking around on the platform like Mobidea and CPALead for mobile affiliate networks but they ain't having much attractive offers.

    Is there any other mobile affiliate network that you would suggest?
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  2. newbidder
  3. YTZ International

    YTZ International Affiliate Manager Affiliate Manager affiliate

    Hi @Erica Tay, YTZ has many offers, in many verticals, available for mobile traffic! We are a performance network that specializes in monetizing redirect, international and remnant traffic! You should sign up here.
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  4. Hendrikjan

    Hendrikjan Affiliate Manager Affiliate Manager affiliate

    Hi Erica, what kind of offers are you looking for precisely?

    Traffic Company is a CPA network specialized in the monetization of mobile traffic. We have worldwide CPA offers available which are our OWN and from direct partners (in the adult and mainstream vertical).

    Please add me on Skype (hendrikjan.trafficcompany) and let me help you out!
  5. Matuloo

    Matuloo Affiliate affiliate

    What are you looking for actually? Carrier billing offers (PIN Submits) or regular offers that accept mobile traffic too.

    In case you want PIN submits, you actually started with one of the TOP players, Mobidea is one of the best. I also had very good results with KIMIA, check them out aswell. Both of them have Adult and Mainstream offers. There are more : Mobusi for example. Brokerbabe, firstmobilecash, bitterstrawberry ... these are adult focused. Or check out Glize which is the mainstream version of Brokerbabe.

    Pretty much all these network have 2 ways of converting your traffic - either a smartlink that will optimize the traffic, or direct offers that you can promote. There are certainly some that you should like.

    In case you are looking for something to convert WIFI mobile traffic, you can use pretty much any affiliate network that you like working with, all have mobile offers in a range of verticals.
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  6. TommyBitterStrawberry

    TommyBitterStrawberry Affiliate Manager Affiliate Manager affiliate

    Hey Erica,

    You can check BitterStrawberry.com in case you have adult traffic and Mobifreak.com for mainstream traffic. We currently have >14000 live offers which are non-brokered.

    You can browse & filter by any GEO, Niche, Payout, Billing Flow & more. And also you can check the new HybridLink® by BitterStrawberry which is a private "SmartLink" which you can create from the bottom up with the offers and rules of your choice. So instead of relying on our in-house SmartLink settings/rules, our system gives you the options to configure it the way you want it.
    So you can pick your favorite offers and run a ton of them within less then 5 minutes. Test it & let us know how it went for you :)
  7. MarinaKimia

    MarinaKimia Affiliate Manager Affiliate Manager affiliate

    Hi, just a quick note as Matej has already jumped in, perfect!

    Kimia has a lot to offer on various verticals in mobile, since we have over 10 years experience specifically in this industry.

    Let me know if we can help, or if you are going to AWEurope etc, maybe we can meet :)

    Have a great week all!
  8. Mobidea

    Mobidea Affiliate Manager Affiliate Manager Service Manager affiliate

    Hi Erica!

    You've got plenty of great suggestions here from Matej and the networks. What I believe you should do - test! :)

    We are all happy to have you on board, and ready to help to find the best offers. Then you just need to test, as looking around normally is not enough.

    Feel free to contact me in pm, or write to our support team on Skype - support.mobidea.
    Looking forward!
  9. Rockymobi

    Rockymobi Affiliate affiliate

    Hi Erica, Our company have some direct offers(developed by ourself) in TH,IN,EG,MY,MX...etc...
    We are looking for direct publishers, I think your traffic can get more profit from our offers
  10. DaVillas

    DaVillas Affiliate affiliate

    Hope you are all having a great day?
    Erica, you could try the spy-tools of Admobispy, they provide you the ability to find direct, fresh and attractive offers, and more services that i think will suits well with your needs, and they are even cheap ;). I had such an awesome experience with them.Hope you will enjoy their service too.
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  11. hvbeladiya

    hvbeladiya Affiliate Affiliate Manager affiliate

    We have tons of Direct offers. PM me if you are interested.
  12. cashmoneyaffiliate

    cashmoneyaffiliate Moderator moderator Service Manager affiliate

    Some good networks are ClickDealer, Yeahmobi, Adsmils, Afflow (for remnant traffic), Mobvista and Max bounty
  13. Sanshez

    Sanshez Affiliate affiliate

    Hello, have you got what you wanted? if not check admobispy i just discovered it, and it works.
  14. iMonetizeIt

    iMonetizeIt Affiliate Manager Affiliate Manager affiliate

    Try iMonetizeIt - we've more than 6000 offers in different niches (Adult, Dating, Health, Beauty, Sweeps, etc.), you can check all them after sign up. If you're intersted in specific types of offers, let me know, I'll provide you proper info in PM.
  15. Jorge Imedio

    Jorge Imedio Affiliate affiliate

    Hey Erica , I will give you the best tip here, is not about Mobile networks (the ones mentioned above are more than fine, just select your niche) - is about the AM (Account managers) so pick some networks and stay with the one who help/suggest and work more with you.
  16. AstroBoss

    AstroBoss Affiliate affiliate

    it's more simple to find this while using services of a spy tool! for mobile, i use ADMobiSpy, could try it!

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