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Hey everyone.
My mine traffic source is Facebook.

I have a business ad account, and I run full campaigns with my ad accounts.

The problem, I have got 2 of my had accounts to got banned(flagged/disabled) in a period of 3 months - and I have NO IDEA WHY?!?!

It's don't matter how many tickets I opened, how may blog post I read about it, I didn't got a straight answer about it.

Now I am not willing that to happened again, so I want to get from you guys some advice on how I can make sure my account won't get banned again.
I want to become a FB master, to get into a good volume, and if needed try to get to a FB partner position.


What product do you run?
Your daily budget?
We also have a business account
account invoice
We let the customer rent. But their account is not prohibited.
we can support
For now the main product I promote is Immigration Services to Canada. Completely WhiteHat..For now My daily budget is about $150-200.

And yeah I have a business account.
What do you mean account invoice?

I want to manage to make my account bulletproof, like yours I guess.
I don't want to promote prohibited content (like crypto or adult stuff), but I don't want to get my accounts banned every few months and from no reason.


My clients spend from $ 5000 - $ 10k per day
but the account is not prohibited
Their product is adult product
Wow, so that is exactly the reason I created this thread, with all the respect you got to an amazing results, I don't want to use you, I want to try to do it my self for my own use.

You understand?


Yeah. Sounds about right.
Thanks for that. You cleared that up for me.
No, I am commenting that both Google and Facebook have their collective heads up their asses usually -- the Youtube shooting is an extreme case in point.

Cloaking means hiding something - what EXACTLY are you trying to *cloak*

You cannot cloak links other than a visual slight of mirrors. Do you want to only hide your final referral destination from your links? You want to play games with what ad you are showing the advertising moderators?

This all depends on the know-how of the examiner -- I am selling a business proxy service with more IPs than you could ever deceive including real users' devices using a VPN. You won't know who I really am when I am coming -- both Google and Facebook use this or similar services (assumed they are sophisticated enterprises).

I know how to automate using OCR (image recognition software) to see what is on the other side of your ad -- if the Landing Page has changed and I can count the LP byte count to as well as harvest that page's text.

The Internet is far more sophisticated today as compared to when you could get away with cloaking. People believe the old myths and legends of the wayback Internet and sill try -- and get banned and then cry about it :p
Bottom line you are just wasting your time with this cloaking nonsense.

Don't depend on just Google or Facebook they may just decide you are not worth the trouble and close your account. Their way or the highway -- you have no real recourse. Their is no Supreme Court of Facebook :D More like Kangaroo Appeals Court :p


Hey, are you still working on Facebook Ads campaigns? If yes and you need assistance, I think my ads services can help you on your problem.


What kind of verticals were you running before your account got banned? That would shed some need light on this whole thread

Not something black that for sure.
I guess I did some aggressive banners or maybe because I tried to advertise a few different niches from the same ad account or I seriously have no idea...