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fb accounts

  1. Z

    BMs For Sale

    Hello, Been having loads of issues with BMs these months, I only run white hat ecom offers but keep getting hit with circumventing even after changing the domain, product page, pixel, audiences, its crazy.. If you could point me in the right direction please, thanks! Or if you have some for...
  2. Idvert_Elaine

    Visit Booth A30 in AWA,2018 to win FREE FB Accounts and Spy Tools

    Hi Guys, are you upset for lacking of enough FB accounts or no idea of FB ad creatives? IDVERT, as FB ACCOUNT and SPY TOOL One –Station SaaS provider, will give you a hand!!! Our FB accounts are: Real accounts from real people, not farmed. Payment Solutions included, with the acc owner's...
  3. David Mali

    $200 Payment From a Simple Facebook Post

    Hey guys i wanted to share this simple way to make money for FREE from facebook groups first of all here is my payment from a small business owner who needed to create a facebook campaign for his handmade necklaces So basically all i did is .. i joined arts and crafts groups and shared...
  4. TravelingAffiliate

    I want to master Facebook Ads....

    Hey everyone. My mine traffic source is Facebook. I have a business ad account, and I run full campaigns with my ad accounts. The problem, I have got 2 of my had accounts to got banned(flagged/disabled) in a period of 3 months - and I have NO IDEA WHY?!?! It's don't matter how many tickets I...
  5. Koro

    Can I sell SMM things on new Marketplace??

    I have many very interesting SMM things like Facebook acs, followers, likes, shares Instagram acs, followers, views YouTube acs, likes, subs. And many etc thithin. So can i sell something of this?
  6. Walid Chaki

    About facebook ads banning ??

    Hey , I have a 4 questions about ban from Fb ads : 1 - If facebook ads deactived my account , can't I get it back again ( If No, how can I get it back ) 2- If facebook ads deactived my account , Can't I create new account with same credit card ?? 3- What are the requierements that should be...
  7. ventoman

    Facebook Static Page creation

    Hello there whats the best way to create a facebook static page Nowadays ?
  8. Kiran Kumar K

    How to increase Facebook Page Engagement?

    Hi guys how can i increase facebook page engagement without boosting my post?