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facebook advertising policies

  1. parveenk2013

    How can I increase my FB Ads daily spend limit?

    Hey everyone, I'd like to know how can I increase my FB ads daily spent limit? Right now it's only $50 per day for the new account, Is there any way to increase it faster? Or how long does FB takes to increase it? I want to scale my campaigns and it's becoming an issue. Any alternate solution...
  2. TravelingAffiliate

    I want to master Facebook Ads....

    Hey everyone. My mine traffic source is Facebook. I have a business ad account, and I run full campaigns with my ad accounts. The problem, I have got 2 of my had accounts to got banned(flagged/disabled) in a period of 3 months - and I have NO IDEA WHY?!?! It's don't matter how many tickets I...