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  1. parveenk2013

    How can I increase my FB Ads daily spend limit?

    Hey everyone, I'd like to know how can I increase my FB ads daily spent limit? Right now it's only $50 per day for the new account, Is there any way to increase it faster? Or how long does FB takes to increase it? I want to scale my campaigns and it's becoming an issue. Any alternate solution...
  2. TravelingAffiliate

    I want to master Facebook Ads....

    Hey everyone. My mine traffic source is Facebook. I have a business ad account, and I run full campaigns with my ad accounts. The problem, I have got 2 of my had accounts to got banned(flagged/disabled) in a period of 3 months - and I have NO IDEA WHY?!?! It's don't matter how many tickets I...
  3. Somesh Likhyani

    Facing problem While Creating PPE Ad for FB?

    Hello, how to fix this issue? I'm trying to run a PPE ad for Facebook. So, 1. I head over to Facebook and 2. select the ad manager and > 3. choose the boost post, and 4. it asks me for the campaign name nothing else. It must show select your page and post you want to promote. How to fix this?
  4. terevenue

    Fb audiance insight for targeting

    Hey good day/evening depending on time your reading this. I have been watching alot of videos on the correct way to target audiences for a fb ad using audiance insight. One thing I am noticing is that no one uses the behavior feauture in regards to targeting audiance based on purchase habits...
  5. azgold

    [News] Facebook Removing Right Side Ads

    SocialMediaToday (article by Andrew Hutchinson) reports that over the past few weeks, Facebook has been testing new page layouts for desktop viewing. They're trying to make their desktop and mobile pages to more closely resemble each other. One of the things that will be most obvious to those...
  6. milan02

    help me facebook advertiser eat my money

    hello i use facebook ads this morning and i use post engagment for pay also i put my website in this post but this is the probleme any enggment and eat 2 $ now it eat 6 $ with no engagment just reach i dont use pay for impression i use pay for engagment