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I am RichViers, @richviers, anyone know me? I have been dumping money into the internet too long

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by Richard Viers, Apr 24, 2015.

  1. Richard Viers

    Richard Viers Affiliate affiliate

    I operate about ten websites and don't seem to be able to make much money from anything. I don't have my own list and can't seem to build one. Why is that.
  2. terraleads
  3. CoolSpot

    CoolSpot Affiliate Manager Affiliate Manager affiliate

    It could be down to so many factors. Everything from colour to layout as well as content can affect this. Use heat maps to see the activity of your users, then build on that information to build a better preforming site.
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  4. Richard Viers

    Richard Viers Affiliate affiliate

    Thanks for the input, I have a long way to go.
  5. CoolSpot

    CoolSpot Affiliate Manager Affiliate Manager affiliate

    No Problem, I am still learning myself
  6. T J Tutor

    T J Tutor Administrator Administrator moderator affiliate

    Well, hello and welcome to the AffiliateFix @Richard Viers ! It's great to have you join us.

    Just a note here, this is an introductions thread. Your question would be better served in a more appropriate thread like the
    General Affiliate Marketing Helpdesk forum.

    So, maybe you can tell us more about yourself, your goals, your experience, etc. You know, introductions stuff.

    As for why you can't make money with your sites, well, your statement (and/or question) is so ambiguous that no one can answer.
    So, I'll impart this advice for you because we like to help guide every Newbie as best we can. I know you may not think you are a Newbie because you have ten websites, but your lack of understanding of list building or monetization is plenty of evidence of your status as a Newbie.

    In the General Affiliate Marketing Helpdesk start a new thread with details of what your ten sites are about, how they were built, what platform they are on, what you have done to drive traffic to them, are your sites affiliate sites, CPA sites, content sites, continuity sites, etc.? Details, details, details. When you ask for help, the details are extremely important in enabling our members to offer up their respective guidance.

    Also, spend some time reading through threads in the Tracking and Optimization forum, as well as the Traffic Sources and Platforms forum.

    Here are a few recommendations I offer up to Newbies. I am sure some of this you may know.

    Every business needs a plan, a schedule for research, learning, and execution as well as a budget.

    Remember to read through our WIKI and get to know the basics as well as some of the buzz words in the industry.

    I also recommend reading the following thread:

    As a Newbie, What Stops You From Getting Started

    Here is a set of goals I always share with Newbies:

    1. Get a VPS
    2. Select a vertical
    3. Select a tracker
    4. Select a couple of networks and get your approval
    5. Select a traffic source
    6. Create a schedule for researching, learning (training), and working. This is a business, treat it as such!
    7. Create a budget for every expense (daily, weekly, monthly)
    8. Be very active in this forum by researching, asking questions, helping others when you are able.

    As well, I highly recommend you join the DOJO as it is full of great tools and contributions for successful marketers.


    We look forward to seeing you around the forum!

    T J

    P.S: hit the "Introductions Thread" (this thread) everyday to welcome other new members to our cozy community, it means a lot to folks to know they are recognized, known, and welcome!
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