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I am in confusion on "Offer Split Testing" ?

Discussion in 'Newbie Helpdesk' started by affiliatelk, May 12, 2018.

  1. affiliatelk

    affiliatelk Affiliate affiliate

    I heard about Offer Split testing "It depends on your budget"
    • $200 budget? Maybe 3 offers, 1 landing page, 7 ads.
    • $2,000 budget? Maybe 5 offers, 3 landing pages, 50 ads
    sorry if this is too obvious. but I don't fully understand this part "Maybe 5 offers, 3 landing pages, 50 ads" .. 3 Landing pages - I understand we need to split test to see which landing page converts better. 50 ads - I understand this as well.

    But what about 5 offers. Don't we choose 1 offer to promote and build everything around it?

  2. Voluum
  3. Daria_WapEmpire

    Daria_WapEmpire Affiliate Manager Affiliate Manager affiliate

    Sometimes different offers that look similar for you can show different performance. That's why you should test different offers. The key though is understanding when you should stop testing a particular one and cut it off.
    You can also create a smartlink campaign with several very similar offers. This can help you to understand which offer inside your smartlink works better with different banners/landing pages, etc.
  4. Brand In A Flash

    Brand In A Flash Affiliate affiliate

    You want to have a few high-performing offers at your disposal. To find these few you'll need to use the method above test 10,20 maybe even 30 offers. Once you have identified your top few (3-5 is a good number), then you can spend more time and focus on those exclusively. Building around 1 offer is risky as the offer may be taken down from the network or get paused. Offers are taken off of CPA networks or get paused regularly.
  5. awesomesauce

    awesomesauce Active Member affiliate

    Many times you can use the same landing page for a handful of different offers. For example, if you're promoting iPhone sweeps I'm sure you can find a metric ton of offers to split test against each other. Even if the offer is the exact same as what you got from a different network, split test the networks. You'll be surprised what happens.

    Also note that your budget depends on the payout. If you're promoting a $100 CPA offer you'll need far more money to test it to statistical significance than with a $0.20 CPA offer.