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  1. webDOMinator

    What to do with Indonesian Gamer traffic?

    Hello everyone, and Happy New Year! Last year I put together a method to find facebook page urls which were available but technically not taken and already had traffic. I was able to find one page in a specific niche, but it's a bit of a hard niche to monetize for me since I don't know any...
  2. Phill AdsBridge

    One more place to get offers

    Hi Guys! Hope everyone had a perfect Thanksgiving holiday and survived Black Friday with Cyber Monday ;) We have some news to share. You know about our 8 smart links and they have become quite popular, to be honest. That’s why we decided to expand this direction and added a lot of new offers...
  3. affiliatelk

    I am in confusion on "Offer Split Testing" ?

    I heard about Offer Split testing "It depends on your budget" $200 budget? Maybe 3 offers, 1 landing page, 7 ads. $2,000 budget? Maybe 5 offers, 3 landing pages, 50 ads sorry if this is too obvious. but I don't fully understand this part "Maybe 5 offers, 3 landing pages, 50 ads" .. 3 Landing...