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How to stop sending emails to someone who bought from me?


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Hi everyone, a book that I've been re-reading is called Dot Com Secrets by Russell Brunson. In this book, he talks about the power of soft selling, otherwise known as story selling. He talks about writing Seinfeld Method emails (episode, epiphany, and educational) and Soap Opera Sequences to promote a product.

Let's say someone reads my email and clicks the link in the email and then buys my product. Is there a way for my CRM to know which subscribers have bought? I don't want keep sending emails promoting the same product to a person who bought from me. It might annoy them and burn my list.

No. You would have to track the emails and the purchases with an ID number and have that number returned in your stats from the seller (offer).

The email list would also need to have that number and allow you to delete that email or change the number.

DELETE FROM table_name WHERE id=2234;
UPDATE table_name SET status='1' WHERE  id=2234;
/*status was 0 (unsold)
You could have either multiple tables or some column for the offer sold offer1,offer2 to use to remake the lists or sort them.
e.g.; 0= no bought or 1=bought

Doing this programmatically, rather than manually, as an affiliate seller is not realistically possible in most cases.
It depends on the platform you're using. Some CRMs integrate nicely with e-commerce platforms and allow this type of automation.