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How to run Facebook Page with Adult Contents?


New Member
I am a noob, so I want to know How Can I run Facebook page with Adult, Pornography contents to entertain visitors? Like others people running adult pages.

I started an Adult page and posted 3 adult content and after few minutes facebook removed those content. So I am confused, why my contents are being removed while others people are promoting.

I want assurance so that in future facebook won't suspend my page or create any problems. Kindly reply me with wise advice.
Are you kidding? Have you every read FaceBook's terms regarding this matter? I'm pretty sure Pornographic contents are not allowed in this social network. I guess you'd better try other niche to entertain people as FB will keep on removing this at least for the time being...
Best of luck. Go ahead and when you get a ban hammer by violating their rules, don't come crying that FB has banned your ad account.

From FB regulations.
So, my advice? stop with it... its a waste of time.