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  1. PartnersMad4Co

    Launching A New West End Ticketing Aff Program

    We are looking to promote our new business partner, Your First Click, who specialise in West End, London & UK wide theatre shows. "Your First Click tickets offer affiliates a unique opportunity to promote tickets live from the box office ticketing system. We have 100's of shows for the West...
  2. Honeybadger

    How hard can you blow your mouse?

    Here's a fun challenge Next time you get an email notification Can you blow your mouse into position Then blow at the button with enough force to click the open button? It's more fun than you think Just make sure nobody else is watching (or recording) You will become an instant meme
  3. Honeybadger

    Video --> How can you escape quicksand?

    This is a short video about how to survive quicksand Might save your life one day! Not surprisingly it's had 24 million views Sound quality is distorted by wind (turn on subs)
  4. juliusjooste

    10 Best Television Shows for Entrepreneurs

    This is just my first draft of shows. So I'm sure there are a few that I'm missing. Mad Men (2007 - 2015) Breaking Bad (2008 - 2013) Shark Tank (2009 -) Silicon Valley (2014 - 2019) Billions (2016 -) WestWorld (2016 -) Genius: Chapter 1 - Albert Einstein (2017 -) Ozark (2017 -) Strange Angel...
  5. juliusjooste

    20 Movies I recommend for entrepreneurs and those set on realizing their dreams.

    In chronological order: Good Will Hunting (1997) Pirates of Silicon Valley (1999) The First $20 Million Is Always the Hardest (2002) The Aviator (2004) The Pursuit of Happyness (2006) The Pixar Story (2007) Ingenious (2009) Up in the Air (2009) The Social Network (2010)...
  6. Marius Enache

    How would you monetize general entertainment traffic?

    Hi, How would you monetize a website that has very general traffic (entertainment)? I own a website that's getting most of its traffic from several social media channels. The traffic is starting to grow and I think it has the potential of reaching a good amount of volume in the future if I...
  7. princetime21

    How to run Facebook Page with Adult Contents?

    I am a noob, so I want to know How Can I run Facebook page with Adult, Pornography contents to entertain visitors? Like others people running adult pages. I started an Adult page and posted 3 adult content and after few minutes facebook removed those content. So I am confused, why my contents...
  8. C

    A Gaming YouTuber

    Hi I'm crazywolfsquad and I'm a YouTuber with over 1k Subscribers. I'm hoping to reach my goal at 10k subs. Also I like playing videos games on a ps4 console.