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How to get No 1 position on google search

Discussion in 'Search Engine Optimisation' started by Nirmalya Saha, Apr 10, 2017.

  1. Nirmalya Saha

    Nirmalya Saha Affiliate affiliate

    how i increase my blog ranking in google search enzine
  2. cpalife
  3. sinelogixseo

    sinelogixseo Affiliate affiliate

    To get rankings in google search engine you have to be patient because it takes time to get ranked inSERP

    You can do off-page activities like:
    Guest posting
    Article Submission
    Forum Posting
    Social bookmarking
    Advertise your website on social media sites
  4. ClickWD

    ClickWD Service Manager Service Manager affiliate

    I believe, guest posting and personally reaching out to other webmasters in your niche is key. But of course it depends on how is your competition.

    Keyword research is important as well, this should been done before you even select a domain name to go with.

    And another tip: stay away from PBN's and buying links from forums.
  5. Samuel Roy

    Samuel Roy Affiliate affiliate

    I think SEO Off-Page Techniques are more helpful to get no 1 passion in the google search engine.
  6. amar478

    amar478 Affiliate affiliate

    You must share blog post on social media site which help to get good ranking and traffic
  7. Jamie Hennings

    Jamie Hennings Affiliate affiliate


    You can use two techniques for improving your blog ranking over search engines.

    1. On-page SEO

    2. Off-page SEO
  8. jessicajohansson

    jessicajohansson Affiliate affiliate

    Use Social networking sites for blogging ranking in my point of view.
  9. RH-Calvin

    RH-Calvin Affiliate affiliate

    Blog ranking can be improved by good on page and off page activities. Also building good content for your website and sharing it on various social networking websites will help to build your blog ranking higher in search engines.
  10. TienAd

    TienAd Affiliate affiliate

    You have to focus on the contents and the you can do SEO offpage and SEO onpage
  11. Nirmalya Saha

    Nirmalya Saha Affiliate affiliate

    How can i do offpage SEO
  12. Nikola Roza

    Nikola Roza Affiliate affiliate

    Hey there!

    Here are the steps you you can take to rank number one in Google in a short amount of time(I'll also give an example):

    • Find a low competition keyword
    • Write a thorough article
    • Do excellent on page SEO
    • Interlink
    • Share on StumbleUpon

    A template for you:

    Keyword- "how to lose weight and still drink beer"(competition- 24 very low)

    Next, write a good article.
    You have two options:

    • Write a good 1000 word article
    • Write an excellent 2000 word article

    Which is better? I say second.

    Yes, it's a lot more work but consider this:

    Your better article will:

    1. Get you more ranking thanks to the LHF keywords- this means more clicks
    2. Get you more links because better content naturally gets most links. Once again- Better rankings and more traffic
    3. Build you expertise on the subject. People will trust you and when they do- they'll buy from you- this means more money:)

    2000 word is twice the work but two hundred times the result!

    On page SEO
    • Keyord in meta title
    • Keyword in url
    • Keyword in h1 tag
    • Keyword in content (beginning,end and if you can in the middle. But don't stuff it- It must read naturally!)
    • Bonus- Keyword in meta description- this entices people to click
    • Bonus- if you can place your keyword in h2, or h3 tag- this has a small but proven value

    Internal links

    Go back and find 5 article from where you can point a link to your new article. This gives it an immediate push.

    The most important step for fast ranking- Share on StumbleUpon

    This is a social bookmarking site that delivers content based on chosen interests. So people who want to lose weight are guaranteed to "stumble" upon it.

    Why is this important?

    Because like this you are bypassing Google completely and are getting content in front of people right away.
    So people can read it.

    And when they read- great things happen.
    You see:
    Google can see what people do on your site( you must have Google Analytics). And when it sees that that stick to your page like superglue that tells it people enjoy your page.

    Then Google thinks:

    "Hey, this is a great page. People love it but I rank it only on page three.
    I think I'll give it a boost".

    and so it does and your ranking improves drastically.o_O

    Bottom line

    1. Find a low hang fruit
    2. Write the best article you can(don't sweat it not being perfect- no one's writing is flawless)
    3. Do excellent SEO(to speed up the ranking)
    4. Share on StumbleUpon-crucial
    5. Relax and watch yourself climb the SERP ladder
    Hope this helps:cool:
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  13. Nirmalya Saha

    Nirmalya Saha Affiliate affiliate

    Thank you for your Valuable information
    i think its help me lot to improve my ranking on google search.
    Thanks Lot
  14. Nikola Roza

    Nikola Roza Affiliate affiliate

    Sure man, no problem:)

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