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How to connect the dots [AdscendMedia+AdsBridge + Mobicow]

Discussion in 'Tracking' started by Zygmunt Biela, Nov 23, 2015.

  1. Zygmunt Biela

    Zygmunt Biela Member affiliate

    Hi everyone, I've got a quite overwhelming problem that stops me from starting my first mobile campaign.

    I have: ( really sorry for the links, I don't have 10 posts yet)
    1.Found an offer I want to promote: i.imgur.com/lqDSJ4D.png
    2.Adsbridge as my tracking and landing page hosting platform
    3.Mobicow as my adnetwork

    So here I'm, with those tabs opened:
    i.imgur.com/t1JDpvE.png -mobicow campaign creator
    i.imgur.com/fD1I7EX.png -adsbridge offer creator
    i.imgur.com/XBufwpX.png -adsbridge traffic source creator
    i.imgur.com/QHQerrw.png -adsbridge campaign creator
    + the offer link from Adscendmedia

    and I have completely no clue how to fill the fields(tokens/trackId/postbackurl etc) to make things work. I know there are guides out there but for me most of them sound like "just click here, add these tokens, paste the link there and here you go your first campaign", but they don't show how to do that with a specific networks. Maybe I'm missing something, maybe I don't need something from the list above?

    I'll throw gold at someone who will brighten me. I really need help with that :(
    And if I'm not noteworthy for so much help as a new member, I'll understand that.
  2. Voluum
  3. Hey there, @Zygmunt Biela !

    Thank you for your questions.
    Let me explain you how it all works field by field. The first screenshot displays our traffic source settings:


    1. Name your traffic source
    2. Check this box if you want to track impressions. Available only for users with Professional, Business and Enterprise subscriptions. After checking this box do not forget to place our image pixel to your ad. Impression tracking feature can be used to calculate CPM costs.
    3. Place your traffic source postback URL to pass parameters back to your traffic source. Please, mention that we pass back the <paramname>, not the value.
    4. Tracking ID token is a value of traffic source's click ID. Set this field if you want to pass conversions back to your traffic source. This token will be attached to your campaign URL as well.
    5. Cost token is used to receive a dynamic value of costs from the traffic source. If you'll set the static value in the campaign settings and the dynamic value will differ from it, the dynamic one will be shown in our statistics.
    6. Campaign tokens are parameters used to pass data about particular user from your traffic source. There can be only 6 primary tokens, that can be viewed in our statistics and as many additional tokens as your campaign needs. Additional tokens can be attached to your offer URL and their values can be viewed in your affiliate network report.
    * please, note: if you didn't find your traffic source in our templates, all the tokens and postback can be found in your traffic source user guides.

    The second screenshot reveals AdsBridge offer settings:
    fD1I7EX.png (PNG Image, 1713 × 691 pixels) - Mozilla Firefox 2015-11-24 10.57.35.png

    1. Choose the vertical of your offer. Feature made for your convenience and it's not mandatory
    2. You can group your offers to display stats for the whole group at a time. Not mandatory
    3. Name your offer. The name is all up to you.
    4. Place your clear offer URL. Under this field there are available placeholders to pass to your affiliate network. These settings are not mandatory, but if you need to pass some data to your affiliate network - you can use these placeholders.
    5. Select the type of your offer - CPA/CPS.
    6. You can select the affiliate network that you've already set from this drop-down list. If you haven't set any network - you can skip this field.
    7. Campaign tokens - check this box to pass additional campaign tokens data to your affiliate network.
    8. Tracking token - mandatory field to track conversions. Just ask you affiliate manager about the parameters their affiliate network uses to pass variables like click ID. This is what we need to track conversions from your affiliate network. If your affiliate network is based on Cake platform - use s2, s3, s4 or s5 tokens. If it is on HasOffers - from aff_sub2 up to aff_sub5. If your affiliate network has custom platform - please contact their affiliate manager to ask for these tokens.
    9. Here you can set the static value of your payout
    10. if your offer has a daily cap, you can set this cap here. After that you can select another offer to redirect to when the cap is reached.

    You can read about campaign creation here

    Campaign creation guide may answer all your questions about the process. If there are still some - you can find answers here

    If there will be more questions, feel free to contact our support team.
  4. Zygmunt Biela

    Zygmunt Biela Member affiliate

    I wish you guys had some sort of tutorials how to connect with specific networks. There are surely plenty newbies just like me out there who cannot get things set properly.
    I showed the instructions to my AM and he says it's not that easy even for him to help me out with that.

    I'll have to consider moving towards voluum, but still I'm a fan of your drag&drop landing page builder.
  5. minacpa4ever

    minacpa4ever Affiliate affiliate

    really i was tried more than one time to create campaign and fail i think if you make a video tutorial step by step how to create campaigns , offers, landing page step by step that's will be more helpful @nike adsbridge
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  6. azgold

    azgold Administrator Administrator Dojo Master affiliate

  7. Zygmunt Biela

    Zygmunt Biela Member affiliate

    Yes, they just broadly show the settings. Adscendmedia isn't powered by Cake nor hasoffers.
    Last edited: Nov 26, 2015
  8. Hey guys,

    I appreciate your interested in AdsBridge!
    We are going to post step by step guides on how to set up campaigns and postbacks with different networks. First ones will be posted next week.

    I'm sure it will be quite usefull for all our clients.
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  9. Freevy

    Freevy Affiliate affiliate

    UC Browser Android APP My 63420, next time blur your tracking url
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  10. scottocapo

    scottocapo Affiliate affiliate

    I've been trying to set up my adsbridge tracking for weeks now... a more over the shoulder style tutorial would be greatly appreciated.
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