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  1. spandexpanda

    Banned From Adscend Media With Money in Balance

    So basically I was banned from Adscend Media for an unknown reason. I was earning $150-$250 per day and asked Ilyssa (My account manager) if I could be paid on a faster schedule. I assume she looked over my account and traffic and everything was good because I was told I will get paid Bi-Weekly...
  2. spandexpanda

    Banned from AdscendMedia - lost $1,500

    So I was earning pretty well promoting offers through an offerwall from adscend media. My wall was 100% whitehat and within the TOS. I always paid my users the digital currency which I promised. I banned hundreds if not thousands of fraudulent and proxy IP addresses (which is required by their...
  3. Zygmunt Biela

    How to connect the dots [AdscendMedia+AdsBridge + Mobicow]

    Hi everyone, I've got a quite overwhelming problem that stops me from starting my first mobile campaign. I have: ( really sorry for the links, I don't have 10 posts yet) 1.Found an offer I want to promote: 2.Adsbridge as my tracking and landing page hosting platform...