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  1. easytyga

    Tracker for keywords

    Hello.. I talked to a cpa affiliate about a day ago i told him i dont get good conversion on my cpl offers, on Facebook ads, but he asked me do i use tracker for keywords, i told him i dont know what it means and he said i should pay him so he can teach me, please can anyone here kindly give me...
  2. affiliatelk

    What is known as affiliate marketing campaign?

    I am little confuse about affiliate marketing campaign. I heart some one said I try many CAMPAIGNS. What is exactly known as a Affiliate Marketing Campaign. Is it '1 offer, 1 traffic source, 1 ads, 1 landing page ect..' or ' 1 offer, 1 traffic source, multiple ads, ect..' Please advice me step...
  3. Mobidea

    Review All you need to know about GO2MOBI!

    Go2mobi is a Demand Side Platform (DSP), providing you traffic from 12 different ad exchanges – the biggest being MoPub, Smaato and Nexage. The majority of traffic coming from those 3 ad exchanges is in-app. Moreover, Smaato and Nexage also have some considerable mobile web traffic. The ad...
  4. nerpem

    Adsbridge spend data

    Hello, How could I fix in Adsbridge the "spend" column always in "0"? What token have I forgotten to implement and where? Thanks. Victor
  5. Zygmunt Biela

    How to connect the dots [AdscendMedia+AdsBridge + Mobicow]

    Hi everyone, I've got a quite overwhelming problem that stops me from starting my first mobile campaign. I have: ( really sorry for the links, I don't have 10 posts yet) 1.Found an offer I want to promote: 2.Adsbridge as my tracking and landing page hosting platform...