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How NOT to Make a Web Survey


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Don't ask 15 dumb questions and have 4 text boxes to complete!
* all mandatory!

Ask 2 or 3; 1-10 answer questions; and add one comment box for the survey taker to add their comment (if they want to).
Don't require an email but ask if they would like to be contacted regarding any comments that they make.

e.g.; If you would like a follow up from us to your response to this survey or your comments -- please include an email address where we can contact you (optional).

Don't be so pushy if you are getting an unpaid survey response -- that person is doing you a favor :eek::rolleyes:o_O


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Yes! And if they give their email address, give them the damn information.

I normally ignore surveys but one caught my interest the other night and the survey was recommended by someone who's list I've been on a long time, so I actually input my email to get the results. I received an email with a link to something different and told to reply to the email to get the results that I thought I had signed up for. Guess what, I'm gone, won't be replying to get the results, I'm just not there and unsubscribed.

This was not a CPA thing, it was a personal development company mining for emails and I assume subscriber retention for potential sales. So, their method doesn't make sense to me.

If you're going to convince me to give you my info, you'd better give me what I signed up for, if you want to retain my email and interest.