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  1. LewisRichmond

    How to make sure the offers is valid?

    Hi guys, recently I’m running a surveys offer which got over 200 clicks but no conversion at all. Would like to check how do I make sure the offers had no issue? Can I submit somebody else email myself to test whether it convert? Or is there a legit way to test? Thanks
  2. Jacko014

    Survey Pre-Landers inquiry

    Hi, Fellas how ya'll doin? I recently started the CPA journey was promoting apps and it was pretty good. But i just switched for email submit offers which i see a great future :) for me i'd try Bing ads with MaxBounty offers which are awesome offers, I'll pick Survey offers but the Question is...
  3. S

    Step by Step Guide for Beginner (reddit method)

    This little guide is for newbies who want to make some quick start-up money. You can make about 10 - 15$ per day with this method. My English is not perfect, becaue my first language is not english. OK, here we go: Requirements: Reddit account older than 1 month, if you don't have one, you...
  4. Suman Thapa

    Maxbounty Promoting Ideas Needed

    Hi Everyone , i am new on Maxbounty and i want to promote some good survey offers i have tried to promote via my website and divert traffics from facebook group/twitter/instagram/youtube but i can't get much clicks and leads so far.. please can anyone guide me some basic tips for promoting these...
  5. P

    Need , Win an iPhone 7 20 USD Payout

    Hello , I am expert to run bing PPC campaign, google adwords, as well as also i use facebook PPC ads and banner ads, Those methods are good to get conversions or lead.., i need Win an iPhone 7 Offer for FR , thanks
  6. M

    Pinterest for Affiliate Marketers

    I am a writing a thesis on Pinterest and affiliate marketing as a part of my business administration studies of which conducting a research is a part of. I have created a short survey of less than 30 multiple choice questions. Filling the survey takes only about 5 minutes. You can answer the...