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How much do you typically spend on testing?

Discussion in 'Social Media' started by michaelmosesson, Apr 4, 2015.

  1. michaelmosesson

    michaelmosesson Affiliate affiliate

    Hey guys,

    I'm running my first-ever facebook campaign for a gaming (download) offer @ $1.40 payout. I invested around $20 for my initial data and I've been optimizing the campaign based on that.

    My CTR was alright from the get-go, so I've been focusing on optimizing my landing page, split testing different variations.

    I've spent around $60 on the campaign so far, without any conversion. Each change I make to the LP has so far been for the better, but the LP CTR is still quite low (~15%).

    Since the payout is pretty low, it feels like the campaign should come to a point where it's considered dead and I move on to another.

    When should I (or when do YOU) give up and realize that the campaign isn't going to work? What do you personally think should I do with the one I'm currently running?

    Answers are greatly appreciated!

  2. terraleads
  3. T J Tutor

    T J Tutor Administrator Administrator moderator affiliate

    Have you used any competitive intelligence tools to see what landers are working or if the offer is converting well for others?
  4. lrs1995

    lrs1995 Well-Known Member affiliate

    Quit promoting this offer. After spending $60 if you can't manage to get a single conversion, there is no point in wasting any more money on this campaign.
    I would have quit promoting this offer after spending $20 with no conversions.

    Take a look at @williamrs Facebook 14-Part case study:

    Part 1/14 Facebook Case Study.
    Part 2/14 Facebook Case Study.
    Part 3/14 Facebook Case Study.
    Part 4/14 Facebook Case Study.
    Part 5/14 Facebook Case Study.
    Part 6/14 Facebook Case Study.
    Part 7/14 Facebook Case Study.
    Part 8/14 Facebook Case Study.
    Part 9/14 Facebook Case Study.
    Part 10/14 Facebook Case Study.
    Part 11/14 Facebook Case Study.
    Part 12/14 Facebook Case Study.
    Part 13/14 Facebook Case Study.
    Part 14/14 Facebook Case Study.
  5. michaelmosesson

    michaelmosesson Affiliate affiliate

    No, I'm currently not using such tools.

    That's actually the exact case study I'm using as a reference. However, in post #10 (his initial test), he mentions that "getting a conversion or 2 during the initial test can be a good sign, but it's not required for the campaign to have potential".

    This is why I'm asking this question. I cannot find any hints about how long to try optimizing the campaign to reach profitability.

    $20 sounds like a good limit. As I started changing up the LP and trying different variants I got hooked when I started to see improvements, so I kept going.

    As a follow-up question, do you have any general rules you follow when testing and optimizing? Like 2-3x payout like William mentions briefly in one of his posts, for example.

    Thanks a lot for your answers. I really appreciate you taking the time to send them my way!

  6. T J Tutor

    T J Tutor Administrator Administrator moderator affiliate

    Without seeing the lnading pages you are using, it's impossible to offer any advice or them. Another thing to consider, since using FB Ads, is that targeting may be the issue here. Some landers may work well with one set of targets and not another.

    As for determining by dollar value when to stop a campaign, well that depends largely on the payout of the offer and the volume of traffic for the money spent. Work your numbers backwards to determine the conversions necessary for the number of clicks your getting that would give yourself a proper ROI.

    Show us your landers, show us your CTR, and show us the offer. maybe then we can get to the meat of the issue.
  7. lrs1995

    lrs1995 Well-Known Member affiliate

    2-3x offer payout is a good rule of thumb.
    Not all offers convert. There are many offers not matter what you do, wont become profitable.
    Unless, you are sure that this offer converts I'd say chuck it and find another one.

    Ask your AM for the top offers by Volume and EPC. These offers are proven to convert.
  8. williamrs

    williamrs Service Manager Service Manager affiliate


    Personally, I am not a big fan of rules of thumb for testing campaigns, because I think that each campaign is different and the numbers are not always the same.

    However, if you believe you have a consistent angle and a good landing page, probably 3x - 4x the payout of the offer can be enough. After that, if the ads and landing page are performing well, consider split-testing a few more offers before quitting the entire campaign.
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  9. Filmosophist

    Filmosophist Affiliate affiliate

    I usually don't spend more than 30-50$ for testing. If the ad doesn't generate money I shut it without second thought and start to change it in order to optimize it.

    The tests will include: Split testing headlines to find control piece for headlines, split test image, ad copy. I let my test campaigns to run for 24 - 36 hours.

    Plus, I start my campaigns at the beginning of the day 8am - 9am PST max to get full ad spend and reach daily budget.
    Last edited: May 6, 2015
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  10. manishshah

    manishshah Affiliate affiliate

    1995 thats a good information
  11. Sandman

    Sandman Affiliate affiliate

    Hey guys, just wondering - do any tracking and LP-building tools include the "budget" component? I'm a newbie and would like to understand if I can monitor spending for my campaigns in any way with that software.
  12. T J Tutor

    T J Tutor Administrator Administrator moderator affiliate

    Hi @Sandman ,
    Please start a new thread in the Newbie HelpDesk Forum for this. This is off topic of the OP's original post.
    Thanks, T J
  13. Sandman

    Sandman Affiliate affiliate

    Got it. Will do.
  14. Lenney Leong

    Lenney Leong Affiliate affiliate

    I think that $60 without CONVERSION is a pretty bad result, which actually means you are getting negative ROI of -600%.

    Personally, I have managed to get per CTR @ $0.05 (lowest I ever achieve) - $0.10 (average CTR rate for me).

    What I suggest to you is:

    Research, research & research.

    Once you know what to do, the amount of knowledge will save you pretty much amount of money and get you profits.

    Or, hire a professional/expert if you are not willingly to research. It's either this or u spend more away.
  15. TrafficBroker

    TrafficBroker Traffic Manager Traffic Manager affiliate

    Don't make results in $60 spending. CPA market need more testing and optimization.
    try some extra network not only FB

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