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How do you spend your time during pandemic?


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1,271,511 world COVID19 dead
244,470 USA COVID19 dead

The local county I live in>

Most serious business plans cancelled this year ...
Good news is Pfizer announced a COVID19 vaccines that early trials has shown to be 90% effective;

The results suggest Pfizer’s shot works almost as well as the measles vaccine, which is about 93 percent effective with one dose and roughly 97 percent effective with two doses, the CDC says.

Monday’s results bode well for Pfizer’s plans to ask the US Food and Drug Administration to approve the vaccine for emergency use by the end of this month. The company will still have to prove the vaccine is safe, a milestone it expects to reach in the third week of November.

The news sent Pfizer’s stock price soaring about 14.3 percent in premarket trading to $41.61 as of 7:28 a.m."<<<

So, maybe there is light at the end of the tunnel.


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Actually, I am trying to make the best of a bad situation and leverage interest in pandemic the pandemic with information and forecasting.

County, State::Cases/100 Pop.::Fatal Cases/%::Population
"Choctaw County, Alabama",0.40,4.42,"12,589",2021-01-09
"Tallapoosa County, Alabama",0.63,4.23,"40,367",2021-01-09
"Lowndes County, Alabama",1.00,3.28,"9,726",2021-01-09
"Macon County, Alabama",0.59,3.26,"18,068",2021-01-09
"Crenshaw County, Alabama",0.80,3.25,"13,772",2021-01-09
"Walker County, Alabama",0.89,3.01,"63,521",2021-01-09
"Bullock County, Alabama",0.94,2.95,"10,101",2021-01-09
... ...
"Sweetwater County, Wyoming",0.74,0.76,"42,343",2021-01-09
"Hot Springs County, Wyoming",0.60,0.75,"4,413",2021-01-09
"Park County, Wyoming",0.76,0.68,"29,194",2021-01-09
"Sheridan County, Wyoming",0.87,0.64,"30,485",2021-01-09
"Uinta County, Wyoming",0.84,0.47,"20,226",2021-01-09
"Albany County, Wyoming",0.92,0.28,"38,880",2021-01-09
"Teton County, Wyoming",1.00,0.17,"23,464",2021-01-09

Objective is to create a data driven website with charts to run ads on AM maybe some ad arbitrage.


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Work and dread what is to come ...
Last week the Moron Red Hat Army tries a coup d` idiot on a joint session of the US Congrass (intentional misspelling)

2,000-4,000 COVID-19 deaths is the new USA daily norm --World dead is nearing 2 Million.

Last 24 hrs WTF?

The Fat Man in North Korea is threatening to nuke the world (if he only could).
Iran is totally nuts Iranian teenager who posted distorted pictures of herself is jailed for 10 years
Iran bans import of UK and US Covid-19 vaccines, saying they're 'completely untrustworthy'
Arnold Schwarzenegger Tells President Trump He Is ‘Terminated’


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This gives me affiliate idea
A 'Crazy News' head lines website
This one is best --> Arnold Schwarzenegger Tells President Trump He Is ‘Terminated’ :D:D:D
Affiliate products are craziest new products

Sorry, it's just my daydreaming .. :confused:

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Yes, a positive thing has happened to me in this pandemic. It gave me time to think about my future and I switched my career to Affiliate marketing. During a pandemic, I have nothing to do but now life is coming back on track.


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The world has become more hygienic
Now you get 3 seats at the sports arena not 1
Things that logically should be sterilized are actually now sterilized
My home is definitely cleaner since Covid
I don't miss shaking people's hands --> How you know where they've been?