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Transparent Traders, LLC Affiliate Program

Transparent Traders, LLC Affiliate Program

Programs Name
Transparent Traders, LLC Affiliate Program
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Minimum Payment
Payment Frequency
  1. Net-30
Payment Method
  1. Paypal
Referral Period
90 Day Tracking
It's here everyone! The Transparent Trader Affiliate program.

We offer one of the best commission rates in the industry. Our commission rate of 35% will pay these rates for our 1-month subscription, and 6-month subscription packages:

1-month commission = $41.98 per subscription

6-month commission = $209.98 per subscription

Plus - if you make a sale using your affiliate link, we will give you a free full-service month for our service.

* You will receive a free full-service month of the "TT Blackbox" package for any amount of signups for the 1 or 6-month subscription packages. You only need one signup in the month to receive a free month. Having more than one signup for the month will ONLY yield you one free month. This resets every month!

** You shall receive a commission for each subscriber who signs up using your affiliate link. There is no limit on the number of commissions you can make. The more people who signup with your link, the more you make.

*** Your affiliate link will have a 90-day cookie. This means that once a person clicks on your link our system will automatically document them as your lead. If they purchase a TT Blackbox subscription within that 90-day window, you will receive the commission for it and a free full-service month of the TT Blackbox.

**** Commission payouts will happen during the first week of every month. In your account, you will need to add your PayPal email address for us to process your commissions without any delay.

For those who want to build an empire by creating a sales team, you can enroll sub-affiliates under your account. Our system allows for 3 tiers total, meaning you will be classified as "Tier 1", your sub-affiliate under you will be "Tier 2", and if your sub-affiliate signs up any of their own sub-affiliates, that will be your "Tier 3".

If your "Tier 2" affiliate sells a subscription using their link, they will make a 35% commission, and you will receive an additional commission of 10% for each of their sales.

If your "Tier 3" affiliate sells a subscription using their link, they will make a 35% commission, your "Tier 2" affiliate will receive an additional commission of 10%, and you will receive a 5% commission from their sale.

You're able to make lucrative commissions if you build a sales team. There are no limits to the number of affiliates you have in your hierarchy.

* Each affiliate can create their own hierarchy. It doesn't matter if you're a sub-affiliate of someone else. If this sounds confusing, the simplest thing to focus on is to share your affiliate link so you make your own commissions of 35%, and then get others to be your sub-affiliate.
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I started utilizing the Transparent Traders affiliate program when they launched it from their website on 11/01/2020 and i have already been paid for my first sale. Awesome program.